Pre-Christmas Weekly ELF news December week 3

Hey Kidspoint Jedi, team leaders and team mates!

I just love that "ELF" I had to put a picture of it !

Listen to last weekend's great message from Pastor
The wise men came to Bethlehem and gave gifts to Jesus and returned home a different way. The way we give to God can change us. By seeking to give rather than get, we experience more of who God is, but our enemy would like to divert our giving by speaking lies into our life. When we are obedient to what God calls us to do, we can be changed in the process.
This is our goal: 7500 people coming through our doors for Christmas services

We have a great opportunity coming for Christmas. We know Growth happens around Christmas at Lifepoint. Thousands of people will actually walk into our building one way and walk out being different.

We are offering people a chance to live out the great meaning of Christmas: It's all about GIVING
  • Giving greetings to a new family who will encounter Jesus in our campus
  • Giving a child a blessing to be with you on Sunday = a parent being blessed
  • Giving your time so a parent will be blessed, engaging in growth process to become a better parent for their child
  • Giving out your energy for people who will be able to cross paths with Christ and become fully alive

Your act of service and giving echoes further than just the kids' life. It resounds in the parents' life also.

Christmas team scheduling is due for this Sunday
Here are a few things to know

We're almost done with rally Zoo :( They are closing the site down at the end of the year. We will be using this site. . Let's get used to our Dropmark everyone.

Be the link....who are you inviting?
Let us commit to...
  • Finding who is that person we haven't seen in a while here in the house
  • Reaching out to them by email, text, phone, Facetime or in person
  • Invite them back to church for a Christmas service.
You can pray this week for a few things
  • Pray for the Thousands who will come visit Lifepoint for our Christmas services
  • We have some other people getting ready for new arrivals soon: Brittany & Brandon Lake as well as the Ufema's, the Paul's and Pst Shawn and Jennifer McGill!
  • My elderly Dad (90), Edmond, is moving out from his home into an old person house. Loss of autonomy got the better of him. His spirits aren't too high.
  • Lauren Tinnell, Spotsy KP director, is still going uphill on her journey to better health.
This week's question : what is your favorite Christmas movie? I will ask you Sunday.
Send me some pictures of your team serving

Click Here to Log Your Hours

For Social Media

  1. Post on social media about your project
  2. Official Hashtag: #PTTRChristmas

You will have a lot a salvation moments this season with our kids

Eternal salvation comes from Him. He saves all those who obey him. Hebrews 5:9 NIRV

Be bold in...

  1. Being active in presenting the Gospel to our kids
  2. Walking them on the path of salvation
  3. In knowing the child's name who gave his life to Christ
  4. The blessing received of being the channel of the Spirit
  5. Giving out the red "Salvation" guides as well as the blue "Baptism" guides also.

Note the child's name on the salvation sheet in the folder. Ask your team leader or coach where it is.

It helps us keep track of how many kids have given their lives to Christ!

Kill it on Sunday
Timothy, guard what has been entrusted to your care. 1 Timothy 6:20
  1. Our children...and other parents' children
  2. Our diverse environements we serve in
  3. Our team mates
  4. Our opportunities in front of us
  5. Our commitments to serve

How do we do this? Here's the plan. Because We, YOU will kill it !

  • You will show up on time at your time of service!
  • You will surely want to serve at least a couple of times for our Christmas services as this is an opportunity to help people (adults AND kids) encountering Christ.
  • You will RSVP quickly to your coach as to when you will serve for Christmas. They want their schedules to be done by COB December 11.
  • You will engage with the rest of our L.I.N.K.!
Let’s remind ourselves to be there at Christmas: it’s an opportunity to transform lives that we have !
Hey guys and girls from Quest 4-5, here are a few challenges
  • Make sur the challenge card is given to our gang and that they actually do it!
  • Remind them, and the parents as they come in to pick their child, the "YOUVERSION" plan
  • Before you head out to large group worship, prepare yourself by being excited to go sing and have fun! They will follow your example.
  1. Brittany was in each of our environments for the 5PM service with some friends from a visiting church. She told me we rocked it! Welcoming, organizationally great and overall awesome experience. KUDOS TO ALL!
  2. Em Cook is such a great Team Leader in Dive
  3. Welcome back Tessa from First Time Families
  4. I love our S2s going for gold when they serve: Matt and Bre Hargrove, Isaac Neil, Chase and Tyler Huff, Ellie Stewart, Ariana Richardson, Natasha Greenwalt, Natalie Knoke
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