#NCAAMGym Week 8 Power Rankings After 1 & 2, Everything's Up In The Air

Every week we release a "Power Rankings" which aim to provide a fluid picture of how each team across the NCAA is doing at the moment. The idea is to try not to focus too much on scores and more on the current state of the team. The + or - next to a team's name represents how much they moved up (+) or down (-) since the previous week's PR.

1. Oklahoma Sooners (-)

Oklahoma didn't compete in week eight and didn't move in the rankings.

Next Meet: Home vs. Cal-Berkeley on March 10th

2. Stanford Cardinal (-)

Stanford barely snuck by Michigan at home last weekend, but they still feel firmly entrenched in the No. 2 spot. It seems like PH (9th - NCAA) is going to be the make-or-break event for the Cardinal in this year's postseason.

Next Meet: Home vs. Ohio State on March 10th

3. Nebraska Cornhuskers (+4)

Full disclosure: I have no idea who the third best team in the country is. I'm not really sure anybody does. With that being said, let's go with the team that just completed a sweep of another team (OSU) who we were pretty sure would be the second or third-best team in the NCAA.

Next Meet: @Penn State on March 17th

4. Minnesota Golden Gophers (-1)

Was it a good weekend for Minnesota? No. Though it wasn't quite as bad as the score (386.05) would suggest -- they were without both Shane Wiskus and Shaun Herzog. They also took a pair of sub-10.5 scores on PH from competitors who are not regularly in lineup. Expect them to get back to the 400's this week at Iowa.

Next Meet: @Iowa vs. Iowa & Air Force on March 11th

5. Illinois Fighting Illini (-)

Illinois & Michigan have flip-flopped beating each other in consecutive weeks. For the time being, I'm going to go with the Illini at No. 5 despite a somewhat down week. They should be getting Alex Diab back on FX (blue line) which could stabilize an event that has gone slightly downhill in the two meets that he's missed.

(graphic via roadtonationals.com)

Next Meet: Home vs. Air Force & UIC on March 9th

6. Michigan Wolverines (+3)

The biggest surprise of the weekend came from Michigan who made an astounding 15.45-point jump from week seven to eight. Interestingly enough, the Wolverines haven't had a single gymnast compete all-around in 2018, but as evidenced by them going down to the wire against Stanford, that doesn't seem to matter.

Next Meet: @Navy vs. Navy, William and Mary and Temple on March 17th

7. Ohio State Buckeyes (-3)

The first time competing in nearly a month as a team was not kind to the Buckeyes. Yes, Melton & Yoder only did three events each, but who else can step up for this team? A 63.8 on SR for the No. 1 team in the country can be counted as a bit of a fluke, but they need to start finding production on VT, an event where they rank No. 13 in the NCAA.

Next Meet: @Stanford on March 10th

8. Iowa Hawkeyes (+2)

Iowa decided that the B1G race wasn't wide open enough already, so they went ahead and beat Penn State with a season-high score of 404.05. We'll see if they're able to string together two good meets in a row as they head home for a big meet against Minnesota and Air Force.

Next Meet: Home vs. Minnesota & Air Force on March 11th

9. Penn State Nittany Lions (-3)

For a team that has already dealt with its fair share of injuries, things got worse as they lost Quest Hayden for the year. The 396 from last weekend is probably the floor for PSU as they were without Sam Zakutney, a huge factor in the Nittany Lions' success.

Next Meet: @Arizona State vs. AZ State & Navy on March 10th

10. Navy Midshipmen (-2)

Score-wise, Navy came back down to earth during their double meet weekend. Still, if you go by the old "a win is a win" mantra, they were a successful pair of meets. They're still the leaders in the clubhouse for ECAC's.

Next Meet: @Arizona State vs. AZ State & Penn State on March 10th

11. Air Force Falcons (-)

Air Force survived a disastrous FX rotation (59.25) at the Arnold Challenge to keep their spot at No. 11. Their consistency chart is pretty interesting as they'd been largely on the upswing until last weekend's meet.

(graphic via roadtonationals.com)

Next Meet: @Illinois vs. Illinois & UIC on March 9th

12. California Golden Bears (-)

A big dip in scoring on HB caused Cal to put up their lowest team score of the year by roughly six points. The Bears now have the pleasure of trying to get back on track in Norman, OK.

Next Meet: @Oklahoma on March 10th

13. Army Black Knights (+1)

Army did not compete in week eight but moved up one spot in the rankings.

Next Meet: @William & Mary on March 10th

14. Arizona State Sun Devils (-1)

Having to count seven scores below 12, it was a rough weekend for the Sun Devils. Good news is that Kiwan Watts was back doing his job -- he led the team in scoring on four events.

Next Meet: Home vs. Penn State & Navy on March 10th

15. William & Mary Tribe (-)

The 67 average between FX, SR & VT was nice; the 60.8 average between PH, PB & HB was not. The Tribe knows what needs to be done if they want a chance at repeating as ECAC champions.

Next Meet: Home vs. Army on March 10th

16. Springfield Pride (-)

The last three weeks for Springfield have gone as follows: 390.7, 373.75 & 380.65. Based on the law of averages I'm going to say that this is probably a team that is going to be scoring somewhere in the low-mid 380 range as they were early in the year. Stephen Lewis has been a workhorse for Springfield, having competed all-around seven times in 2018 already.

Next Meet: Home vs. Army on March 18th

17. Washington Huskies (+1)

Washington did not compete in week eight but moved up one spot in the rankings.

Next Meet: @California vs. Cal & Arizona State on March 24th

18. UIC Flames (-1)

UIC dipped to a 354.9 at home last weekend, their lowest score of the year. Freshman Colin Schwartz led the team on two events.

Next Meet: @Illinois vs. Illinois & Air Force on March 9th

19. Temple Owls (-)

Temple punched a ticket to USAG Nationals with a 292.8 this weekend.

Next Meet: @USAG Nationals on March 30th

20. SC United (-)

SC United didn't compete this weekend and didn't move in the rankings.

Next Meet: @USAG Nationals on March 30th

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