Who Am I J'Uriah Chavira

i chose this picture because it shows the type of style i like in cars

Im the most friendliest person to meet im lame and boring. I dont really like music gets old and my style is everything. I like cars pretty much anything with wheels. I love to eat, sleep,race repeat.

other people think im the biggest pothead

My parents perceive me as the tiniest angel. People in general perceive me as someone who smokes alot. My friends think im the chill I guess. Teachers and admins see me as a trouble maker.

I pretend to be a racecar driver

I like to pretend Im the best driver in the world that no one is faster than me. I try to put on a good expression to where I dont look like a trouble maker. At work I try to look motivated and hard working. At home Im super lazy.

professional drifter

I want to be the best drifter in texas. I want to be sponsored by Honda living in Tokyo. I want to live life going fast and getting sideways. I want to inspire other drivers.

i wear em

I play the big strict brother towards my little sister but when Im with my friends Im the goofiest person you can meet. Im the type to make work fun. Around my family Im the sweet little angel they see me as. At school Im quite.


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