Facing Reality OM&M, Chrysanthemums, Tularecito

Of Mice and Men

"'I should have knew,' George said hopelessly. 'I guess maybe way back in my head I did.'" Pg. 94

After Candy and George found Curly's wife dead, George immediately knew that it was Lennie who did it. He even knew in the back of his head that something bad would happen that involved Lennie. This means that he had always considered his future being halted by Lennie causing problems unintentionally.

OM&M: "'I guess we gotta get 'im an' lock 'im up. We can't let 'im get away. Why, the poor bastard'd starve.' And he tried to reassure himself. 'Maybe they'll lock 'im up an' be nice to 'im. '" pg. 94

Geeorge has the idea of putting Lennie in a home where people can "be nice to him". Even if he did not want anything to happen to Lennie, George still knew he could not have him in his life anymore.


"'He had to keep the pot. That's why he couldn't get them off the road.'" Pg. 8

"Far ahead on the road Elisa saw a dark speck. She knew." Pg. 8

After Elisa saw that the man in the caravan had thrown out her flowers, she is hopelessly trying to convince herself that he had to keep the pot- at least one piece of her for him to take on his travels. However, her attempts at convincing herself fail as the story ends with her hiding her tears from her husband. She realizes that the peddler had lied to her and threw away her closest she ever was to her chance. Even if it's not her, not physically, who is actually traveling and living independently, her flowers were a symbol of her and this was her only way of tasting adventure. But dreams will only stay dreams, for the reality of this was that she was only a woman.


"All the way home, she pictured him searching in the night. The picture pleased her. He might even find the gnomes, might live with them and talk to them. With a few suggestive words, she had been able to make his life unreal and very wonderful, and separated from the stupid lives about him. She deeply envied him his searching." Pg. 7

"'Why should I deny gnomes to this queer, unfinished child? Wouldn't his life be richer and happier if he did believe in them? And what harm could it possibly do?'" Pg. 7

Miss Morgan believed that if Tularecito kept believing in the existence of gnomes, "his people", it would be a good thing for him to keep dreaming. However, Tularecito became blinded by hope and ended up not only never finding "his people", but he also almost killed someone. The reality was that sometimes it's better if dreams stay dreams.

Universal Theme: Face reality as it is


In all three stories, the characters had to face the harsh reality that is their lives. In OM&M, George realized he couldn't fulfill his future without taking away Lennie's, in The Chrysanthemums Elisa comes face to face with the fact that she was born into a society that would not give her the life she's always wanted because she was a woman, and in Tularecito the reality met was that dreams should not always be brought into reality.

Why is this relatable?

Reality is exactly this. Your life itself. There is no way to run from the life you are given, you do whatever you please with whatever you are given. Though it seems like facing reality is harsh, it isn't always that way. For example, a human can be sad and lonely and feel as if his/her existence is insignificant, but the reality is that they are here for a reason. We all are.

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