Mobile photography 2019 jorge santiago

Week 1 - Finding Hidden Faces

This is the 2nd time doing this kind of assignment. I took a few photos with Adobe Lightroom mobile app and ultimately decided on these 5.

Found it a little annoying that I couldn't control the order of photos in Lightroom. Even though one of the options was for custom order.

Most of these images are related to transportation. One is spray paint so I felt like playing with the colors, mostly the green point curve. That's how I achieved the pink effect for the trees and light post.

Light post

Decided to reduce exposure and increase contrast for the white wall picture and increase highlights and blacks for the black/yellow picture.

Week 2 - Portrait (Seattle trip)

Today I edited 5 portrait pics in Lightroom. I focused a lot on the clipping, but that didn't always lead me to the best final results.

Experimented with a few presets but always found the S-curve and manual adjustments to work well in most cases.

For my final images I focused on contrast, vibrance and sharpness. I reduced fluorescent bar light on a subject. Played with a cat portrait, including bringing up the yellow in his eyes. Capturing someone's essence through their laughter and a tender moment between a man and his cat.

I feel like I'm getting a little better at Lightroom, but I still have a lot to learn.​

Week 3 - Seattle Still Life

​Once again, this album was shot in Seattle, Washington.

Again, I worked closely with the highlight clipping and tight cropping. I also paid close attention to the S-curve to help each image pop out a bit more.

I had a lot of fun working on the food on the ground. Felt like the biggest challenge was making the elephant drawing pop out. That one had the most amount work done. Was surprised at how little work was needed for the champagne and avocado toast.

Used the healing brush tool to remove a person from the background of the statue picture. That was a little nerve wracking.

Removing a person with healing brush
Big color edits

Week 4 - Katonah Bedford, NY (Landscape)

​For this week's assignment I turned my mobile camera to Katonah Bedford, NY.


All photos were shot the same day with a Pixel2 camera. I imported all images to the desktop version of Lightroom CC. The first thing I did was to create a Preset based on 1 picture. Was very pleasantly surprised to find that that preset worked on 4 out of the 5 images.

Photo 01
Photo 02
Photo 03
Photo 04

Once again, I paid close attention to the clipping in each photo. This is the first time I worked with the color mixer target adjustment. It worked on some occasions. Also decided to try out the geometry tool to fix one photograph. Also tried no color silhouette and even braved taking a photo of the sun. Found that editing that one was perhaps the hardest.

Photo 05

I am definitely fond of heavy contrast and darker images. I think I need to challenge myself with brighter shots, maybe snow, sand, or beach shots.

I also made an extreme edit to my favorite photo.

Black Hole Sun

Week 5 - Social Media (On the go NYC)

​For this final assignment, I decided to do 10 instead of 5 images. I've been documenting my return to NYC very thoroughly. Most of my time is spent on the subway, between bridges, at concerts and basically on the go.

I decided to edit all the photos with Lightroom CC Mobile. It felt a bit challenging and restrictive, but it also felt freeing editing on the go.

I made all my edits at the airport terminal while undergoing an allergy attack. Quite surprised at how they came out all things considered.

This has been a fantastic course that has made me reflect a lot on how to approach not just mobile photography but how content is curated on the go.

And ​here is the Adobe Portfolio for the entire course.