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“though we are many, we are one”

Mr Myles Hogarty

College Principal

Greetings to you all,

“Though we are many, We are one.” Romans 12:5

The above scriptural phrase will be our College theme for 2021.

This phrase will be the theme in our Daily Prayers, Liturgies, Masses and Retreats at the College and as our tradition, it will be displayed prominently around our school.

We are a College of many different cultures, backgrounds, beliefs and opinions, but we are one body in union with Christ and we are all joined to each other as are the different parts of one body. As educators and learners we have the responsibility to use our different gifts with the grace that God has given us.

If that gift is to teach, we must teach to the best of our ability, if it is to serve then we must serve others putting ourselves last. Students must use the gift of learning to aspire to excellence in all areas of their education.

A diverse community like De La Salle while being composed of many parts must provide an environment where respect, inclusion and compassion are lived out by all staff and students “as one.” These values are non-negotiable and must be demonstrated in every action and behaviour.

Much has been made this year by our Government of the need to act like, “one team of 5 million,” to stop the spread of the Coronavirus. This was largely successful and most New Zealanders played their part. The motivation for this request was to provide a safe and healthy environment for the country’s population so that all of our lives could return to some semblance of normality; the many were one.

We only have to look at overseas examples where infections were not contained as the many pleased themselves, acted selfishly and suffered the sad consequences for this, they were certainly not one.

We are closing in on the end of the year which always seems to come sneaking up on us very quickly.

NCEA Exams have commenced and the Senior students’ attendance at these is excellent as we expect.

The Year 7 – 10 students are also sitting their end of year exams and assessments and pushing towards the completion and achievement of their De La Salle certificate which is a requirement at each of their levels, a new initiative this year.

The young men starting at the College in Years 7 and 9 next year are at the College having their welcome and orientation activities in preparation for next year.

Summer sports are coming to an end and we are finalising the award recipients for the Junior prizegiving on December 8th.

However, we are not at the finish line yet and we will be expecting 100% student attendance and effort until our last day of school.

We continue to pray for the health and welfare of our College community and live in hope that we will have an uninterrupted end to the school year and a restful Christmas season.

I thank our Staff and parents for their continued support of our young men over this challenging year. Adversity has made us all stronger in resilience and faith and I have been very happy with the way that our community has shown that “we are one,” to come through this year.

God Bless

deputy principal

Mr Dermot English


I firmly believe that boys and young men need an adventure. In most cultures there has been a rite of initiation into manhood, which usually involves the boys being mentored by their elders through a difficult test of pain and endurance. This helps boys believe in themselves, and also realise that they don’t know everything. It is an adventure because it means setting off on a journey, not being sure that you have everything you need, and not being sure of the outcome. So it involves doubt and uncertainty.

This week we've had attend at the College boys who are coming here for the first time next year. They are starting on their De La Salle adventure, uncertain that they have all the skills they need, and uncertain exactly where it will lead them. What gives them confidence is the boys who are already here and who have been on that journey for some time and who will help them.

Where is our adventure, something that isn’t just learning a skill, but is where we have courage to face our uncertainties and build character?

This could be as simple for a boy as talking to someone that they don’t know, deciding to do debating, joining a sports team where they don’t know anyone, delivering a speech, doing a full page of writing, or ask the teacher a question in class! If we only do what we’ve always done our world will always stay the same size. "What is your adventure?"


Director of Mission - Mr Denis Tutaka

Kia Orana, Fakaalofalahi atu, Talofa lava, Malo e lelei, Magandang Hapon and Kia Ora to you all

Last week, we farewelled the Year 13 students and congratulated those who received academic awards at our Senior Prizegiving. Prizegiving's are always an interesting type of celebration because we award those who have worked hard throughout the year and wish them well for the next year. We do not celebrate because we are absolutely certain that the award recipients will be successful in the future. Instead, we celebrate because our students have demonstrated that they can go above and beyond themselves within that particular timeframe of one year. The truth is, we do not know what students will become when they leave school. However, what we do know is that whilst at school, they can perform to their utmost best. Therefore, we award our students because it is in our human nature to recognise when people go above and beyond both for themselves and for others.

We have heroes because the definition of the term highlights that very point – to go above and beyond themselves in helping others.

We need that recognition because without it, we lose the meaning of why we are human.

In a similar way, on Friday 13 November, De La Salle College staff bonded together at Staff Spirituality day, held at St Anne’s Parish, Manurewa to go above and beyond in sharing their personal journey with their colleagues.

The event wouldn’t have been possible without the help of so many of the staff. Firstly, the central presenters, Br Waseem and Matthew Apuda. Then the animators, Ronise Laumemea, Mark Skipps, Fusi Puleiku, Otto Wendt, and Grant Waugh. We had the group facilitators, Hayley Boersen, Heston Stowers, Anthony Hawkins, Christina Ainiu, Faalepo Vaotuua and Fuimaono Tuiasau. We had the closing liturgy crew, Grant Hobbs, Maria Fouhy, Blossom Fernandes and Teuila Vaotuua. Then, we had Julie Sale and Bianca Leau who organised our morning-tea and lunch.

Thank you to all the team for a day filled with laughter, tears of gratitude and tears of joy. It was very rare to spend a day laughing and sharing with colleagues and glad the day achieved its purpose, He Kanohi ki te Kanohi- Face to face encounter.

“Live Jesus in our Hearts! Forever!"

Staff Spirituality Day


Assistant Principal - Mr Phil Doyle

Academic Updates

NCEA Exams

NCEA Exams start 16 November and continue until the start of December. NCEA morning exams start at 9.30am. You need to be at school by 9.00am to enter the exam. Afternoon exams start at 2.00pm. You need to be at school by 1.40pm to enter the exam. You must be in school uniform. Head home straight after exams. You may need to plan different travel arrangements as afternoon exams do not finish until 5.00pm.

NCEA Admission Slips

All NCEA students require an admission slip to enter the exams. NZQA Exam Centre Manager, Mrs Barabara Warrender must confirm their identity. NZQA provide the Admission Slip. Your son will be bring the slip home this week. If your son loses his slip he can print one off his NZQA student login page. Students who have never logged in to the NZQA learner site should register now using their National Student Number (NSN) and date of birth. To prevent delays in accessing personal information (including examination results in January 2018) this should be done as soon as possible.

Student Exam Hub

Go to the NZQA Student Exam Hub at https://www.nzqa.govt.nz/ncea/ncea/ a quick and convenient way to find and access everything you'll need through your NCEA exam journey.


Mr Elton Charles

In the last two days the College celebrated two important events. Both of these events related to the intake of our new year seven and nine students starting in 2021.

We were delighted to see the excited faces of our future Lasallian men and look forward to a new committed partnership with these young men and their families. Below are some photos of year seven and nine students starting in 2021.


2021 BYOD Information

All students can participate in the School’s BYOD Programme with approval from their parents. Device specifications needed to connect to the School’s Computer Network are listed below.

Minimum Specifications

  • 11-inch screen ideally touch screen
  • 4GB RAM memory ideally 8GB
  • 128 GB Hard Drive Ideally Solid State (SSD) to reduce risk of damage
  • Wi-Fi: 802.11n ideally 802.11ac
  • Keyboard and trackpad (mouse)
  • Battery capable of running 6 hours
  • AC Power adapter/ charger
  • 2 USB Ports
  • Audio out

Suggested Extras

  • Upgrade to 2-year warranty to include battery replacement
  • Carry bag / protective case will help with daily use
  • USB Pen Drive / Headphone

Other considerations Insure the device either household contents policy or a new separate policy.

Recommended Device The School’s recommended device for 2021 is Acer Travelmate B311 Spin and can be purchased at a discounted price from Harvey Norman’s Manukau branch

Return of Ministry of Education devices supplied during COVID-19 disruptions

All laptops need to be returned to the school library with the power cord before Monday 30 November.

The devices used this year by students in Year 13 will be reallocated to students in Year 11 in 2021.

For students returning in 2021 you will be able to collect the device available at the start of school in 2021.

Intermediate school

Fundraiser- The Fred Hollows Foundation NZ

A big thank you to everyone who supported our annual Year 7/8 Fred Hollows Foundation cake stall. We have raised close to $1000 to send to the Pacific Islands for eye operations. Thank you to everyone staff and students for your awesome generosity for a worthy cause. Fa’afetai lava. Year 7/8.

2021 men of service

Congratulations to the following young Men of Service for 2021- your student leaders alongside the College head boy Lelea Halafihi.

2021 College head boy: Lelea Halafihi
TOP L-R: Adeley, Justin, A J BOTTOM L-R: Maalo, Jordan

Junior tag


Teachers in Charge: Mr Keane and Ms Judd

The Junior tag team has had a sucessful two weeks after beating Wesley College in the Southern Zone Tag tourmanment at Bruce Pulman Park and then qualifying for the wider Auckland Championships at Pakuranga on Monday 16 November. Southern zone champions.

The team qualified for the semi finals against Kelston Boys High after beating Orewa and Manurewa College in a pool play. The semi-final was hard fought with a five all draw leading to a drop off to decide the winner. Kelston ended up scoring in the last minute to go through to the final. De La Salle ended up a respectable third by beating Orewa College in the third and fourth play off.

Well done to student coaches Phranklyn Mano Le-Mamea, Willy Lavaka, Joe Pulu who coached and held daily training sessions at school to prepare the boys for both tournaments. The future of tag football is bright with the talent and energy in this group of young men.

Phranklyn Mano Le-Mamea
Willy Lavaka
Joe Pulu

technology & covid-19

Students in Year 7 & 8 have been working on their technology project to research, design and hand sew their own face masks as a cost effective and environmentally friendly response to COVID-19.

in the community

Great Potentials Foundation 30 Year Celebration

Tuesday 17 November the Auckland based Great Potentials Foundation celebrated its 30th anniversary in style with a cocktail celebration attended by over 100, at the Auckland Art Gallery. Dame Lesley Max DNZM MBE who is a New Zealand children's advocate, delivered the keynote address outlining the Great Potentials work to a successful national HIPPY programme which support parents who become first teachers, the influential secondary school MATES programme that support senior students in their transition to University, and the Family Centres based in South Auckland.

Dame Lesley Max was then presented with a Korowai from co-chair Fuimaono Tuiasau and other trust members. A wonderful celebration also attended by HOF English Rehnuma Gani and HOF Religious Education Maria Fouhy.


Congratulations to our Youth & Service Co-ordinator Mr Johnnie Timu. Johnnie was nominated in the Impact Awards for his work in the Community. His pasifika business Brown Pride NZ help use fitness, arts and community service to uplift South Aucklanders and the wider community. They have also engaged in regional community outreach initiatives like World Homeless Day, Winter Homeless Outreach, volunteered at local food banks, facilitated youth programs and more.

Impact awards celebrate young people making a difference across Wellbeing, Climate, Inclusion, Enterprise and the Global category, working to make an impact beyond our shores. At the time of publication Johnnie missed out on placing in the top five finalists but nonetheless we are proud of his achievements thus far and look forward to seeing what the future holds for this young, inspiring Lasallian.

Youth & Service Co-ordinator Johnnie Timu top row, second from the left





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Thank you to all who contributed to the photos and videos for this newsletter edition. Special mention to the photographer and teacher Mrs Hay for the Prizegiving feature photos.