Jonathan siegel transplant warrior & coach

My story

Everybody loves a comeback story.

It's been 20 years since I suffered my first symptoms of cardiomyopathy, and was forced to give up my career as a high-performing endurance athlete. Although I managed my condition with a pacemaker and medication for several years, I could no longer compete as a cyclist, skier, or triathlete.


I vividly recall my last run, my last bike ride, and my last swim. Activities that once brought me joy and confidence had become terrifying struggles to find breath enough to finish. My heart was broken.

The wait begins...

In 2017, I was admitted to the ICU and waited six months on the transplant list, wondering if I’d live to experience another bike ride again. Even with a tremendous community of support, I felt isolated and disconnected from any sense of who I was.

If I got a new heart, what then?

Who would I be?

What would I be able to do?

And then, A Miracle.

I received my new heart on August 29, 2017, and began an intensive cardiac rehabilitation program. I was scared, but determined: I would live to see my niece get married. And I would ride my bike in the next Elephant Rock race in Castle Rock, CO. When I mounted my bike for the first time, six months after my transplant, I thought I would burst with joy.

I knew I had come back to life.

It’s time to pay it forward.

I want to give other transplant recipients that same chance at life. Not just the life that comes with the new heart (the medical community has that part covered)...but also the life that comes from overcoming resignation and fear, breaking down barriers, and doing something that once seemed impossible.

I want to help others find their own comeback story.

What’s possible now?

As a post-transplant sport coach, I'm committed to:


Listening for what my clients want to create in their lives, what they want to strive for, and what’s worth living for.


Helping my clients build a fitness plan to achieve their goals.


Addressing transplant survivors' mental barriers to living a full and vibrant life.


Coaching clients to listen to their bodies and adapt as needed to the physical rollercoaster of transplant recovery.

Organ transplants are a marvel and a gift.

They’re also frightening and fraught with challenges and uncertainties for the person who receives that gift.

I’m here to walk alongside those recipients and guide them back to themselves and to a life that inspires them.

Jonathan Siegel, Coach and Heart Transplant Survivor

jonathan@tcoaching.com | 303-522-1705

Instagram: @jonathan.d.siegel | Facebook: Jonathan Siegel