Russian Tweets By:Mady Belanger

From @Jstalin 1920. Proud to be sole leader of the Soviet Union #weare1
From @Jstalin 1928. Hoping to build a socialist economy with my new #5yearplan
From @Jstalin 1930. Say bye bye to the communist party #gottablast
From @NikitaK 1956. Stalin was an unhealthy intense personal focus on a leader. #20thpartycongress
From @NikitaK 1956. Gonna make a big boom on the United States. #byebye
From @NikitaK 1956. Too many failed policy innovations. This is it I'm done. #micdrop
From @Brezhnev 1979. We have a major setback due to our invasion of Afghanistan #sorrynotsorry
From @Brezhnev 1979. We'll I might die but it's really fine #badhealth
From @Brezhnev 1979. After 2 strokes still going strong. #iwillsurvive #theofficerules
From @MGorbachev 1989. Gotta remove short and mid range nuclear misses from Europe. #Reagan'sfault
From @MGorbachev 1989. "The sovereign right of each people to choose their own social system."
From @MGorbachev 1989. With my speech we have rejected our communist states to be socialist. #nomore

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