Summer has officially arrived at the track! June’s race weekend was full of excitement as members battled the desert heat and went head-to-head in their final races of the 2020-2021 season on the Mansell (E) 3.2-mile course. We had 12 Prototype and 5 Sports Car drivers on track for epic racing to claim their championship titles as families and friends showed their support from the sidelines.

This race weekend of the season was exhilarating – as expected! Mike Dean participated in his first ever Prototype race in his new Radical SR3 XX, making the transition over from driving his Lotus in the Sports Car series. Mike also received the fastest lap in Qualifying as well as in both races in our Rookie class, securing first place in Race #2. Cam Lancaster also secured the first track record for the GT3 class in his Lotus Elise for this configuration.

As the most intense battle of the season commenced, everyone was eager to see who would come out on top as the P3 Series Champion – Mitch Bishop or Tony Bullock! It came down to the very last race, with Tony needing to make an emergency pit stop for a new tire. After all points were calculated and 6 lowest scoring races eliminated per series rules, Tony came out victorious by a mere 6 points!! Another thrilling competition was in the Sports Car GT4 class between Walter Lucci and Karen Wonnenberg, battling for 2nd place. Ultimately, Karen triumphed as our second-place winner right behind her husband, Randy Wonnenberg, who took the GT4 Series Champion title. A special congratulations is in order for Karen, who was also the very first woman in either series’ histories to win a championship trophy! Congratulations!!

Our series’ champions not only received their trophy, but also a Dakine duffle bag to store their racing gear, embroidered with their name and champion title, also filled with Blue Marble Cocktails and Vertra goodies. Congrats to all our series champions – Mark Rohrwasser (P1), Michael Reynolds (P2), Tony Bullock (P3), Marshall Kerr (PR), Scott Gibson (GT1), Roc Capobianco (GT2), Nick Groat (GT3), and Randy Wonnenberg (GT4). Everyone raced competitively this season and we applaud each and every one of you!

To finish off our awards ceremony, three members received special shout-outs and commemorative awards made by our Powertec America engine builders. Jim Mason received the Hard Charger Award for consistent improvement as he worked his way up this season. Karen Wonnenberg received the Top Gear Award for being an amazing racing ambassador, encouraging other women to follow in her footsteps in joining the competition. Last but not least, Michael Reynolds received the Piston Award for his unwavering positive attitude and for embodying the spirit of Spring Mountain.

We concluded the night with friends and families having their pictures taken in our photo booth, with printed photos available to take home. Everyone enjoyed a delicious meal prepared by our chef, Joe Verzani, and his crew, which was a mouthwatering prime rib and lobster tail dinner. As a Spring Mountain family, we raised a glass of champagne to some of our great members and friends that we loved and lost this year, and ultimately made a final toast to this great racing season.

Thank you once more to our wonderful sponsors – Blue Marble Cocktails, Dakine, Vertra, and Michelin. We also want to give a huge thank you to our spectacular Spring Mountain Racing team, Powertec America engine builders, track support, and Clubhouse staff! We are grateful for your endless support and efforts to ensure every race weekend runs smoothly and safely. Stay safe and cool this summer! We can’t wait to see you all again in September for the start of yet another exciting season!

Mansell E Track Records

P1 – Wolf Turbo – 1:59.633: Patrick Liddy (12/11/20)

P2 – Wolf Honda – 2:07.718: Ron Eckhardt (2/8/19)

P3 – Radical SR3 – 2:10.400: Tony Bullock (12/11/20)

GT1 – Lotus – 2:21.050: Scott Gibson (12/12/20)

GT2 – Porsche – 2:21.050: Adam Adelson (12/12/20)

GT3 – Lotus Elise – 2:41.519: Cam Lancaster (6/18/21)

GT4 – MX5 – 2:31.632: Walter Lucchi (12/11/20)

Prototype Series Results

Friday – Race #1

  • P1: no racers in this class
  • P2: 1st Michael Reynolds
  • P3: 1st Tony Bullock, 2nd Mitch Bishop and 3rd Jim Mason
  • PR: 1st Marshall Kerr and 2nd Mike Dean

Friday – Race #2

  • P1: no racers in this class
  • P2: 1st Michael Reynolds
  • P3: 1st Mitch Bishop, 2nd Jim Mason and 3rd Doug Ramirez
  • PR:1st Mike Dean and 2nd Marshall Kerr

"Best Of" June Awards

  • P1: no racers in this class
  • P2: 1st Michael Reynolds (63pts)
  • P3: 1st Mitch Bishop (56pts), 2nd Jim Mason (48pts) and 3rd Tony Bullock (45pts)
  • PR: 1st Mike Dean (59pts) and 2nd Marshall Kerr (56pts)

Final Championship Standings

  • P1: 1st Mark Rohrwasser (680pts), 2nd Mel Johnson (247pts), and 3rd Gregg Gorski (196pts)
  • P2: 1st Michael Reynolds (709pts), 2nd Ofir Levy (310pts), and 3rd Jesse Menczer (119pts)
  • P3: 1st Tony Bullock (659pts), 2nd Mitch Bishop (653pts), and 3rd Rahul Patel (440pts)
  • PR: 1st Marshall Kerr (659pts), 2nd Darin Harvey (462pts), and 3rd Patrick Smith (306pts)

Sports Car Series Results

Friday – Race #1 – "Best Of" June Awards

  • GT1: no racers in this class
  • GT2: no racers in this class
  • GT3: no racers in this class
  • GT4: 1st Randy Wonnenberg (30pts), 2nd Karen Wonnenberg (26pts), and 3rd Dylan Northern (22pts)

Final Championship Standings

  • GT1: 1st Scott Gibson (420pts), 2nd Jack Fried (187pts), and 3rd Mark Saroyan (78pts)
  • GT2: Roc Capobianco (388pts), 2nd Adam Adelson (108pts), and 3rd Tom MacMillan (108pts)
  • GT3: Nick Groat (180pts), 2nd Cam Lancaster (82pts), and 3rd Len Krick (30pts)
  • GT4: 1st Randy Wonnenberg (466pts), 2nd Karen Wonnenberg (320pts), and 3rd Walter Lucchi (308pts)

Next Race Season

Club Spring Mountain will return to the track September 17th-18th after our two-month summer hiatus. Our Northern Track Expansion Project, which includes a new 3.2-mile track expansion, has already broken ground with grading, and paving is estimated to begin next month. We hope to run the first race weekend of the 2021-2022 Race Series on this new road course as long as everything proceeds as planned. Exciting things are coming to Spring Mountain, and we can’t wait for your return! Have a great summer and we’ll see you soon!

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