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What Makes a good Citizen?

As a citizen you have certain things that you are allowed to do. These things are called rights. An example of a right is the freedom of speech. The freedom of speech says that a citizen is allowed to say whatever they feel. Though rights have boundaries, a good citizen doesn’t yell a swear in the middle of public because that is their responsibility.

What is the most effective form of government?

The most effective form of government is dictatorship. The most effective form of government is dictatorship because the people are always told what to do and the dictator has control so it runs smoothly. Another reason why dictatorship is the most effective form of government is because the dictator has total control and the people have no say so the dictator can make any changes he wants and no one can change it. In conclusion, based on these facts that I have stated the best form of government out of the many different forms of government is dictatorship.

What forces work for a supernational government?

One of the forces that work for supranational cooperation among nations is the trade bloc. This is true because the trade bloc helps all of the countries trade with each other which in turn brings them together. Another force that works for supranational cooperation is having shared currency in many countries. An example of this is in the EU is how 19/28 of the members of the EU use the Euro as their currency. Those are two forces that work for a supermational government.

How do people adapt to living in a desert region?

People adapt to living in a desert region in many ways, but two main ways are wearing loose clothing, and living near oases. One of the things people do to adapt to a desert region in wearing long, loose clothing. They wear these clothes because it allows heat to escape. The long loose clothing also allows sun and wind/sand protection. Another thing people do to adapt to a desert region is living near an oasis. People in the desert live near an oasis because of the resources such as trees and water. People especially go for date palms because they can provide many things, such as wood, water, dates, and husks. Another reason people live near oases is so they can trade their goods, such as cheese, milk and meat. In conclusion there are two main ways that people adapt to a desert region. One way was wearing long loose clothing. The other way was living near a desert oasis. Those are two main ways people adapt to living in a desert region.

How can a valuable resource effect a region?

A valuable resource can affect a region in many ways. One way this can affect a region is by making major developments to a region possible. One example of this is Dubai. 50 years ago Dubai was a small town, electricity was new and many nomads roamed the land. Now, Dubai is a thriving city and that is all in part of the oil reserves. That is how a valuable resource can affect a region.


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