Middle colonies Claudia J.

Reason for founding

People came to the middle colonies to find or claim land. They also came here to set up trading posts which was a place where people would trade. Last, they came to find new trade routes.

They wanted land.


In the middle colonies Winters were cold and hard to survive in if they didn't prepare, but Summers were hot and humid. There were very good harbors they were easy to place ships that came with food or supplies. Rivers were very good for farming.

Hot Summers were common in the middle colonies.


The middle colonies made money by selling tobacco, corn, wheat, and other crops. They also made money by whaling, selling slaves, and ship building.

Tobacco which made a ton of money.

Some Facts about New York.

New York was voted the best state by 30,000 people they all voted that New York was the best! New York has over 120 colleges and Universities. New York has natural harbors and ton of people live in New York it is a very popular place. One of the most popular places to visit in New York is the statue of Liberty.

Statue of Liberty

!Advertising slogan!

In 1624 the breadbasket colony's became our home!

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