Mechanical Engineer By Zachary Farnum

Mechanical Engineers are a type of Engineer that applies Engineering, physics, and material science to design, analyze, and manufacture mechanical machines or systems.

Mechanical Engineers make a median wage of $83,590 per year, and is growing at a rate of 5%( which is the average). But to make it awesome, they inly have to have a Bachelors degree!

I choose Mechanical Engeneering for the following reasons:

-I would get to work with Engines, and hopefully cars

-Gets good pay( $83,590)

-They don't have to work outside there office if they don't want to

Some high school classes that someone wanting to be a Mechanical Engineer should take geometry, trigonometry, algebra, calculus, physics, chemistry, and biology.

In collage you should take computer programming, fluid mechanics, thermodynamics, and hydraulics to become a Mechanical Engineer.

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