The reason a picked 1492 is because America was kind of discovered by Christopher Columbus. There were already people there and Christopher made them slaves. This started America because when Columbus came home he told every one what he has found. Also people didn't know that America was there and they thought they could get to Asia easily.

This is Columbus

The code is 682910

The code is 993669

The First congress started America sort of. In 1774 the acts were in place like the tea act. England taxed america for protecting them. Also the British people understood that the 13 colonies were tough and one day they dumped the tea into the harbor. This made British people to start thinking that America will be born soon.

This is a picture of the signing of the treaty of Paris. The treaty of Paris is document about America being free from England. This starts america because our 13 colonies are free from England's grasp.

The code is 356489

Louisiana Purchase

The Louisiana purchase was bought by America in 1803 form French. This started the USA because they got more land. You cant forget the pan handle of Florida we got that too. Also we got new Orleans and all of that was 15 mil.

Here's a Mr. Betts video

In 1812 we fought the British to defend the Louisiana Purchase. They had British forts on our land and many other bad things. Also Indians were mad too so they attacked our settlers. So they had some wars. Then the Treaty of Ghent resolved the whole war. The picture on your left is them burning Washington, D.C. down to ashes.

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