Bridge project By:matt mcvane, jack golden, mike golden, finn duffey

Video of first bridge

Red line- compression

Blue line- tension

Our second bridge only held the platform. I think it only held the platform because our pattern was very weak and we should've done more to prevent it breaking early. We had a big gaps in our bridge and we only had one stick holding the top part of our bridge. We kind of got all of our sticks and tried to make our bridge wicked thick but that wasn't the greatest idea. We could've still made it thick, but we needed a better pattern. If we had a better pattern I think that our bridge would hold more. After we made the platform of our bridge we basically just stacked a bunch of sticks on top of one another and that was a very lazy technique that does not work. We should make more of a pattern next time because I believe that will work. We were more focused on making our bridge thick, but we should've had a better technique and made our bridge better.

Video of second bridge

Red line- compression

Blue line- tension



We learned a lot of things during this bridge project. One of the things that we learned is that the if the bridge is really thick it doesn't necessarily mean that the bridge will hold a lot of weight. We learned this the hard way. Our second time we made our bridge very thick and it did not hold any weight because we focused way to much on that and not about the other parts of our bridge. Our first bridge was thick in one part and that was the part that held. Our first bridge broke because our thick part was not connected to the other thick parts so the spaces that were not connected broke. Another thing we learned is that triangle trusses work really well. We learned this because all the bridges with trusses did really well. We should have done one because then our bridge would have worked better.

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