Wayside School Gets a Little Stranger Kate Hutson

My book report is off the book Wayside School Gets A Little Stranger. The Author is New Berry Medal the Illustrator is Adam McCauley it has 168 pages. The book is non fiction the setting is a thirty floored school the main characters are Mrs.Jewels ,Todd,Dana,Kathy,Stephen,Joy,Joe,Rondi,Allison,and Doctor Pickle. The story is told by a first person point of view. The problem is that strange things keep happening to the school.Like Mr. Luis the yard teachers old mean teacher was subbing for Mrs. Jewels because she was having a baby. Mrs. Drazel was very nice till she met Luis. She made Luis shave off his mustache.After he did he was weird he didn't play anything he had a p.o.o.p.s hand book and wouldn't let the kids run outside. The problem was solved when they got rid of Mrs. Drazel and Luis mushtache

grew back. And that was my book report of Wayside School. I would recommend a friend to read this because its funny!


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