Castle Warfare barbican

what dose a siege mean?

Do you know what a siege is? Well a siege is when you and your army surround the castle or a town and take over the town or castle. Some of the invading castles would use siege to invade there enemy castle.

What is a barbican? One of the weapons used in the middle ages for defence was a barbican. A barbican was a wall or a big hall that the invaders had to go through to get to the castle also the hall was filled with traps set to kill the invaders who dare enter the barbican.

What would a barbican be used for ? A barbican in the middle ages would be used to kill or trap the invaders that would try to get to the castle. They would also be used as a fortified outpost for castle defence.

What would kingdoms in the middle ages have barbicans? The barbican is one of the most useful weapons for defence in the middle ages. The barbican was especially good for trapping and killing the invaders.They would also be used for a great defence during a fight or a war.

What makes a barbican different from just a wall used for defence? the difference between a barbican a giant wall used for defence is the barbican has a series of traps used for trapping and killing outside invaders.

some of the most famous castle in the middle ages are the

do you know that one of the greatest castles used a barbican the castle was called the harlech castle in wales. Most of the barbicans in the middle ages were built of stone and they had towers with arrow loops and battlements..

extra credit

one of the medieval castles was the tower of London. what makes this castle so unique is because it was the oldest palace, fortress, and prison in the was also great because it was found at least a millennium ago. this castle, in its best, was the most beautiful castle in the middle ages.


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