Family Session Prep Guide

Thank you for booking a family session with Stellar Photography. I have listed a few things below to help you plan for the day to ensure you have a great experience and some beautiful photographs.

The most common question from clients is 'what should we wear?'. What you decide to wear is completely up to you, you should ensure that everyone is comfortable and that it is a style that reflects who you are. A few pointers:

  • If your portrait is going to hang on a wall in your house you might want to consider the colour scheme of that room to incorporate into your photo or make sure that it wont clash.
  • Think of the little things - what colour socks, no phones or wallets in your pckets, no hair ties on wrists, no chipped nail polish and go easy on the make up - stick to a natural look, you dont need it any heavier for photos. Go easy on spray tans - they will appear more orange in photos.
  • Stick to plain, patterned or textured clothing, stay away from large logos or anything too loud that will distract from the subjects.
  • A good rule to go by is to pick no more than 3 colours and 2 patterns, working them through different outfits and subjects, but keeping within the same palette - all neutrals, all pastel, autumn colours etc. or add that one bold colour. Patterns are great, but not on everyone - too many patterns are distracting and busy in a photo. Take into consideration your shoot location. Aim for coordinating outfits, not matching (unless this is the theme of the shoot you are after - all jeans and white t-shirts, flannelette shirts etc)

Below are some examples

Your Photo Session

I have listed a few things below to help you plan for the day, however please contact me if you have further questions.

  • All outside sessions will take place within 1.5 hours prior to sunset to ensure the best lighting
  • Ensure that everyone has eaten, washed their faces and gone to the bathroom before you leave the house
  • Bring A LOT of water for drinking - there may not be any water available on location and photoshoots can be suprisingly tiring and hot.
  • It is perfectly ok to bring along some bribery to the shoot (I may even have some hidden in my pocket!) however plese ensure that any food you bring along will not stain your child's face, hands or clothing.
  • Your child's favourite teddy is a great item to bring for comfort and will still look nice if it sneaks into a few photos.
  • You are welcome to change outfits as many times as you like within our shooting timeframe.
  • Parents please try to smile throughout the entire shoot - it might be tricky to get a smile out of your child at times, so I need you ready in that split second your child flashes a huge grin at me.
  • If your child is still at napping age, please ensure they nap before the photoshoot.

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