Chef’s Table offers a great replacement for Christie's By: Jake Navarro ’20

At one point in time, every high schooler has been to Christie's for a quick bite to eat either during their free period or after school. With the closing of Christie's, students panicked about where they would be able to get cheap and good food. Luckily, Chef’s Table recently opened in the same location with a similar style to Christie's.

Walking into the establishment, I noticed that the only changes to the building were the seating. They have multiple tables and a couch if you are feeling extra relaxed. After eyeing the seating, I glanced at the food options.

Chef's Table seating. Photo taken by: Jake Navarro '20

In the front, there is a salad bar as well as a section of pre-made sandwiches, including buffalo chicken wraps and turkey clubs. After, I needed to check out the menu. Chef’s table offers a large arrangement of foods, from bacon egg and cheeses to spicy chicken burritos. I decided to order two slices of buffalo chicken pizza.

Photo taken by: Jake Navarro '20

Due to the line being out the door with middle school students, it took a longer time than expected for my food to come out. Once it did come out, I expected to be paying at least 10 dollars, but it came out to a little under seven dollars.

Once I opened the box, I immediately smelled the heat of the buffalo chicken pizza. It was a very thin slice, making me less stuffed than usual. After I took the first bite, my mouth immediately felt the effects of a hot slice of pizza. Even though it was extremely hot, I was able to taste a little crunch making the pizza even better.

If you’re not in a rush, Chef’s Table is a perfect place to grab food. With an abundance of seating, you and a bunch of friends can sit down and eat after school. Another thing that was nice is how kind the staff was. With a place that offers inexpensive food and is very close to school, makes Chef’s Table a great option for high school students.

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