Malibu Taco provides a great atmosphere for a Saturday night By: Jake Navarro ’20

When you don't live in the town, it can be difficult to find certain destinations. In my case, it was virtually impossible to find Malibu Taco located at 1177 Post Road in Fairfield. Although it was only a seven-minute drive, the actual process of locating the place was much longer due to it being hidden behind a bank.

After walking in, I noticed that the atmosphere was really fun and inviting to all different age groups. It was covered in bright lights, bright colors and loud music giving off a summer vibe which makes sense as it opened late august. Browsing over the menu, I noticed they had a variety of options from specialty quesadillas to rice bowls.

To start off I decided to order guacamole and chips. Although I ordered a classically styled dish, there were more varieties including bacon and corn or sweet potato. It came out within two minutes. The chips were really good as they were thick cut and very crunchy. On the other hand, the guacamole was lacking a little flavor. It was almost as if they didn’t add any spices to it.

Photos taken by Jake Navarro 20'

While eating the guac and chips, I decided to order three different style tacos. A shrimp, steak and mushroom. My main dishes also came out very fast, but it was mostly due to the lack of customers in the restaurant at the time.

All three tacos reminded me of BarTaco: small but filling. The steak taco was cooked nicely, but it had a weird tang to it as well as some heat. The shrimp taco was very good as it was topped with avocado and corn. The avocado and corn were good compliments as I was able to taste both a crunch and a soft texture. Lastly, the portobello tacos were my favorite. The taco was stuffed to the brim with mushrooms, chopped onion and cilantro.

Photo taken by Jake Navarro '20

The nice part about the restaurant was that it has a variety of types of seating ranging from in front of the chefs, the bar, outside or just a regular table. Malibu Taco is in between a fancy restaurant and fast food. I would say its a little less nice than BarTaco.

Photo taken by Jake Navarro '20

Although the drive was a little frustrating, my overall experience was very good. It can either be an all-night event or just a quick sit down. For four tacos and guacamole, it only came out to $25.45. I would definitely come back and try something else due to there variety. I would give this restaurant a score of 3.4 out of 5.