Brasil By NiVaan

What is the weather in brasil

The weather in brasil is buen tiempo y vientoso

Windy wheather ( vientoso )

Plesant wheather ( buen tiempo )

What are THe animals in brasil and there food

The animals in brasil are Pajaro y caiman ( alligator ) and the food that the caimans food is fish , insects , snails, birds and deers

What are the festivals in BraZil

The festivals in brasil are carnival de rio OK to ber fest And festa de peao . These are the the festivals I found out in brazil

What food Do people eat in brazil

Feijoada , salchichas ( sausage ) and pork

What cloths do people wear in braZil

So woman prefer pantalones and ropas of light weight and men prefer pantalones cordos y camisa


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