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Many people think that flavored milk has always been an unhealthy beverage for children in schools. Some people also think it has the right essential nutrients in it. Even though, it has flavoring in it, it has vitamins, minerals, potassium, magnesium, and calcium in it that all children need!

Most people do not agree with flavored milk as a great beverage, especially for children. But is it really that bad for us?

My first reason why flavored milk should be served in Merrywood is because most kids would rather drink flavored milk than white milk. For example, it is proven kids like flavored milk more than white milk and they will actually drink more of flavored milk than white milk. Another example 87 kids in 3rd grade, 4th grade, and 5th grade at Merrywood Elementary took a survey 64 people 73.6% said chocolate milk 12 people 13.8% said strawberry milk 11 people 12.6% said white milk so as you can see it clearly says most children at Merrywood Elementary prefer chocolate milk not only for the taste but it should be described as a healthy beverage at school. Also, kids only drink flavored milk at school most parents prefer their children drinking white milk at home than flavored milk. It is also a known fact that kids get more nutrients drinking flavored milk than white milk. Also some kids at my school said "if there's no flavored milk at Merrywood then I'll bring my own drink!"

As you see here most kids in Merrywood agree with flavored milk as a terrific beverage more than white milk!

My second reason why flavored milk should be served in Merrywood is because its better than kids drinking soda or sport drinks which actually contains more added sugar than any school beverage at our school. Actually did you know most kids would rather drink soda and sport drinks more than white milk. Also did you know that soda and sports drinks since of the high added sugars it can cause bad diseases such diabetes and weight gain. Soda and sport drinks are high in calories have a lot of added sugars and do not provide any nutrients what so ever. Also juice is exactly the same they give children too much added sugar and do not provide any nutrients. On the other hand drinking sodas sport drink or juices daily will lead to weight gain and diabetes.

As you can see here flavored milk is way more healthier than soda or sport drinks

My third reason why flavored milk should be served in schools is because if kids do not drink milk there obviously not getting the nutrients that is needed for children to grow correctly. For example, if schools go without flavored milk any child that does not like white milk will not get nutrients from drinking any milk. In fact, flavored milk has the same nutrients as white milk sometimes, it even has more than what white milk will provide. If kids do not get the nutrients they need they will not grow properly and not have healthy opportunities that they need in schools and at home. Even though flavored or not milk is packed with vital nutrition and should be provided in schools because its a healthy vitamin packed drink at schools.

We drink Borden milk at school and it should always be an option at this school because kids love it! it has the vital nutrition and it is way better than soda or sport drinks!

In conclusion, flavored milk should be served in Merrywood so kids drink soda or sport drinks daily. Even though nutritionist think that flavored milk is considered an unhealthy beverage it is simply healthier than white milk. It is important kids get there daily nutrition and stay happy and healthy!


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