The Atomic Bombs America's Most Brutal Decision

On December 7, 1941, Japan launched a surprise attack on the United States in hopes of neutralizing their Pacific Fleet to keep them from having the upper hand if they were to join the war. This day was known as "The Attack On Pearl Harbor". In this attack, Japanese forces killed over 1,000 Americans and injured about 1,000 more.
This is an American News Article the day after the Attack on Pearl Harbor. This article states that the United States congress declared war on Japan after the Attack on Pearl Harbor.
The day America and the Allied forces stormed Normandy and triumphed over heavily armored french forces. Leading to the surrender of the Axis Powers, leaving Japan and America to sort out their issues.
Littleboy, also know as one of the two atomic bombs used to end the war with Japan.
Fatman, other wise know as one of the atomic bombs used to end the war with Japan.

After the bombs were dropped on Japan, these weapons were all but discontinued. Many countries decided to produce these weapons.

Chart of the countries known to have nuclear weapons today.

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