My Hero By:Brendan Griffin

My Hero is my little sister Maggie, she is 6 and she does alot of acts of heroism. She plays alot of sports, she is very good at all of the sports she plays. Maggie surfs, plays lacrosse, soccer and tennis. She inspires me, Maggie always tries to do her best. Maggie cares for everyone. We have a dog at our house his name is Ashton. Maggie always cuddles with him. She cares for me and my family. Whenever I am down or hurt she always cheers me up with her funny faces and jokes. She is also brave. She is never scared to try a new food or try a new sport. She is like no other person I know. I am so glad that I have a little sister.

Bravery, Maggie wasn't scared to stand up on her first wave.
Caring, Maggie always wants Ashton to feel more important than she does.
Humility, Maggie wants people to feel more important than she does

This song represents heroism and Maggie because don't stop fighting until you get what you want and that is success of getting what you want to achieve. Maggie wants to achieve alot of things in life and she is only 6. In order to do alot in life you will have to fight for it.

Maggie sees the world as it is

This quote represents heroism because being a hero is thinking positive and just letting things take its course. Maggie loves the world that she lives in, she has a good family and great friends. Everyday Maggie just wants to be happy and always have fun and make everyone more important than others. I wish I could be like her. This quote represents heroism because just thinking positive and caring and loving is what makes up heroism and Maggie does all of that.

Maggie does alot of acts of heroism

Being a hero means doing something that someone wish they could do. For instance with Maggie I wish I could be as caring as her but sometimes Im not. I wish I was brave like Maggie but Im sometimes a wimp. Maggie wants to always have people feel more important than she does. When Maggie plays her sports she always is doing an action and her tenacity that she when she plays inspires me to do my best in my sports.

Maggie says "Thank you for reading about me, I love my brother!!!"

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