The Divine: A Play for Sarah Bernhardt Report Dylan Pinard

The Spatial Experience

As we entered the auditorium, I was looking forward to the play. We got really good seats together in the second row of the second major section of seats. Without any obstructions of the stage, I felt I could appreciate the play more than most. Once the lights dimmed and the audience quieted, I was expecting a serious, somewhat somber play, but was delighted to find that it was interspersed with comedy. Being comfortable wherever you are is a major aspect in my image of the good life.

The Social Experience

I enjoyed the group that I saw the play with. Although I don't regularly hang out with these people, it was an interesting mix of viewers because some of us really enjoyed The Divine, while others would seemingly rather go to The Dine...-ing Hall. I later found that my one friend didn't like it because he couldn't keep up with the plot and understand what was happening.

The Cultural and Intellectual Experience

As I waited in line on the way in, and as I shuffled through the large crowds at the end of the show, I got some time to think about the play. It is a travesty that many people, including women and children, were treated so poorly merely about 100 years ago. Without all of the government regulations we have today, many illegal activities slid under the table in the play such as poor treatment for workers, illegal child labor, etc. I think we could all learn from this play by the fact that honesty is the best policy. We all need to just be totally genuine and real with each other if we want to succeed collectively.

The Emotional Experience

Because of this play, I realized that many people let certain aspects of life get in the way of achieving the good life such as religion, money, and power. Although these things may help one's life, we must not let it take over how we think and the actions we take every day. Sometimes, we may not realized the mistakes we make or the poor choices we follow, but this play could definitely help with "coming clean" in the form of being honest with the people you are mistreating.


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