Did you know that soccer (or Football) is the most played sport in the world! After reading about soccer you will see why it is the most played sport in the world.

Soccer Equipment

There are many thing you need to play soccer. The first and probably the most important thing you need is a soccer ball. You also need shin guards to protect your shins (obviously). You also need cleats or you will probably slip. A team uniform would help you identify the players on your team.

Soccer Positions

In pro soccer there are 11 players allowed on the field including the goal keeper. Managers usually do a line up of 1-4-4-3. 1 goalkeeper, 2 full backs, 1 left back, 1 right back, 1 central mid, 1 left mid, 1 right mid, 1 right wing, 1 left wing, and 1 striker. If some players are tired or injured the manager can play a sub for the player. But you can only sub 3 players per game.

Rules of the Game

There are lots of rules in soccer. 1 is if you kick the ball out of bounds the other team gets a throw in. Also if you kick the ball past the crossbar or past the posts it is a goal kick. But if the other team does the same thing you get a corner kick. If you slide

Kinds of kicks (or goals)



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