Walls of Power Man-made barriers throughout Europe

“The first man who, having fenced in a piece of land, said »This is mine,« and found people naïve enough to believe him, that man was the true founder of civil society.”

― Jean-Jacques Rousseau: Discourse on the Origin and Basis of Inequality Among Men (Discours sur l'origine et les fondements de l'inégalité parmi les hommes, 1754)

Cyprus • Photo: Tijen Erol
Cyprus • Photo: George Gergiou

Setos (Russia–Estonia) • Photo: Jérémie Jung

Russia–Estonia, Russia–Finland, Russia–Latvia, Russia–Ukraine • Photo: Terra Project Photographers
internet café in Turkey (“It is strictly forbidden to browse political and obscene sites!!!” “Betting and gambling are not allowed!!!”) • Photo: Olivia Arthur / Magnum Photos

Israeli Embassy, Paris • Photo: Marcell Piti

US Embassy, Belgrade • Photo: Marcell Piti

US Embassy, Kiev • Photo: Marcell Piti

Israeli Embassy, Berlin • Photo: Marcell Piti

Slovakia • Photo: Attila Balázs
Belfast • Photo: Frankie Quinn
Belfast • Photo: Frankie Quinn

Hungary–Serbia • Artist: Łukasz Skąpski

Calais, France • Artist: Łukasz Skąpski

Slovenia–Croatia • Artist: Łukasz Skąpski

Melilla, Spain • Photo: José Palazón
Melilla, Spain • Photo: Sergi Cámara
Calais, France • Photo: Henk Wildschut
Calais • Photo: Jérôme Sessini / Magnum Photos
Norway–Russia • Photo: Daniel Leal Olivas
Hungary–Serbia • Photo: Davor Konjikušić

“Erecting border fences in parts of Europe in response to the current massive influx of refugees may harm wildlife. The fences can kill animals by entangling them in razor wire and will jeopardize the hard-won connectivity of species populations.

The human toll of the refugee crisis deserves the highest political attention. At the same time, many of the fences could be in violation of commitments under international conservation agreements, such as the European Commission’s Habitats Directive. These are likely to affect brown bear, wolf, lynx and red deer species."

John D. C. Linnell, Norwegian Institute for Nature Research

Morocco • Photo: Axel Grünewald
Bulgaria • Photo: Vesselina Nikolaeva
Slovenia • Photo: Ciril Jazbec
Greece, Hungary • Photo: István Bielik
Serbia • Photo: István Bielik

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