Nuclear energy Economic PERSPECTIVE

this is a diagram oh where nuclear energy is produced , this is called a nuclear power plant

The cost for a nuclear power plant is extremely expensive to manage not just to build. The government alone spends up to 100 million CAD annually for a nuclear power plant just for the development and research part. It is really expensive but the research and development is also extremely beneficial to the community. In December 31st , 1197 , 4 Pickering rectors were shut down , they estimated the total cost to be about 3-4 billion dollars in total just to bring this back in the future. To rebuild these its going to be extremely expensive and time consuming but bringing there back could eventually in the future give back the governments money. For reliability it isn't as expensive as you would think it would be , it costs about 325 million just for the reliability and for safety. Compared to the cost of the other things , this is actually pretty cheap and not that expensive to maintain. Overall , nuclear energy is incredibly hard to maintain and have also it could cost you an incredible amount of money

Personally , i think that nuclear energy is not that sufficient and should not be used for electric energy production in Ontario. I stated this opinion because the amount of money that goes into nuclear energy is insanely high. it could cost billions and billions of dollars just to manufacture a nuclear power plant. Not only does it cost billions to manufacture , it also costs billion on many other things when manufactured like the development and the research and if one of the rectors break down that's gonna be like another billion dollars going towards the damages on the rectors. There are many other ways we could produce electricity in Ontario other then nuclear energy that are more cost efficient and less time consuming. it also ruins the fresh air we breathe everyday and when the fog that comes out from the top goes into the air , people can start breathing it in and can get lung poising which then can lead to instant death.

in this picture you could see nuclear energy causing massive amounts of pollution . The fog coming out from the top ruins the clean fresh air we breathe day to day and if the fresh air we breathe gets ruined we can get poisoned and end up dying.

The first reason on why i chose to not use this method of getting electric conductivity because it causes way to much pollution. the fumes that come out of the rectors go into the atmosphere and ruin the fresh breathing air. If to much of this gas is consumed it can Poisson the person and can end up causing instant death to the person and the wont have a chance to recover cause the death is going to be instant and you wont have enough time to live. The second reason why i chose not to use this method is because it cause an insane amount of money to fund and maintain a nuclear power plant. It costs billions and billions of dollars everyday just for the research and costs billions just to make sure it stays reliable and wont affect other living things in the radius of the nuclear power plant. The third reason is , is that it is not really reliable to be producing electricity for the province of Ontario. There are many other better ways that you could produce electricity in Onatrio that wont explode and kkill off anyone in the radius of that nuclear power plant. Also there are houses near that nuclear power plant and if they breathe in the gas coming out of the rectors they could potentially have instant death.


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