Patrick Henry Interview By: BAda Cho

Me: What was the point of your life?

Patrick Henry: I was a lawyer and politician born from Virginia. I was one of the most vocal political figures in the American Revolution.

Me: How do you think you will actually be remembered?

Patrick Henry: I think I will be remembered as a strong voice in our community and a leader.

Me: What do you consider your greatest success?

Patrick Henry: One of my greatest accomplishments were becoming the first Governor of Virginia.

Me: Would or could you have done things differently, if so how?

Patrick Henry: I wish I ran for the Virginia legislature a bit earlier so I can live long enough to do something.

Me: Do you have any regrets?

Patrick Henry: I wish I could become a more impactful person for our country.

Me: When were you introduced into politics?\

Patrick Henry: In 1760 I first got my first law license.

Me: Any memorable moments?

Patrick Henry: In 1774 I was chosen to be a delegate at the Continental Congress, there I met Sam Adams.

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Bada Cho

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