Coaching a closer look

A lot of responsibility rest on the shoulders of any kind of coach and it definitely doesn't take a coach to know that. A coach needs no introduction and we are all familiar with them whether it's a soccer, track, football, tennis, golf, basketball, life or any other type of coach. But not everyone is familiar with being a coach. The world of a coach can get complicated and a coach one finds that the ability to adapt is one of the most important tools in your arsenal. Everything that a coach has to do requires adaptation. As a coach one must be prepared to deal with any situation that might be presented. Dealing with players on and off the field not only with their skill but with their personality and their decisions. Every player is different in these aspects and no player will make the same decisions when under pressure. In games no team will play the same or employ all of the same strategies as the one a team played last week. A coach has to analyze the opposing team's strategy and adapt his own team's strategy to match the opposing team. Coaches must deal with the players interactions if they become negative and discover the rout of the problem before it begins to affect in game performance and team chemistry which is my next point. A coach is responsible for building and maintaining team chemistry. Team chemistry can win or lose a game. Watching a team that has outstanding team chemistry is like watching a fine tuned and well oiled machine carve a path to victory with feats otherwise impossible. Building team chemistry just means making a team spend time on the field practicing learning one another's habits, likes and dislikes. But it is just as important to build team chemistry off the field by having team dinners and other such activities that would encourage them to spend time together. When a coach succeeds you can often find that they adapt well to situations and their team has outstanding team chemistry on and off the field. Coaching is a full time job and will be on the mind day and night. Trying to figure out better drills to do at practice to better the team after a tough loss, how to deal with a player having problems with something or other or maybe even an injury. It's a constant job that will take a toll on anyone. This blog will go more in depth of the coaching position and the different view and ideas as well as how coaching has evolved and the new assets and technology that coaches have at their disposal. There is different kinds of coaches and no one coach will make the same decisions as another and that's why team managers always look for these kinds of aspects when hiring. But the most important thing to take away from this is all coaches must be able to adapt. That is the most important for a coach and if one has that skill than it is safe to say that he will have a pretty successful career.

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