In the first day of spring break, I had went to the pool at night for swimming and had taken this photo. The lighting is good with this photo especially with me looking straight down at the photo. It hadn't had the flattening effect I was looking for, but still good.
In the second day, I had taken a photo of my sister's flute. This was because her playing the flute had taken a big part of my spring break. She had played it nearly all of spring break, practicing many songs throughout -- both self taught and for her band class.
I took this photo sort of as a rush thing in spring break due to the fact that I had used my hands a lot when doing things.
I took this photo in the gym bathroom, since I sometimes went to the gym with my mom during spring break and I took a photo of this one night.
One morning I had went out in spring break and saw this fire hydrant. I had thought it was a good picture since it kind of followed the rule of thirds with the fire hydrant on the right.
This was due to the fact that I had the opportunity to use my playstation much more in spring break than I could've when I had school so this was a big part of it.
This was a pattern of the stairs that I had looked at once in spring break and thought they were nice enough to take a photo of for my project to signfiy the fact that I spent most of my time upstairs.
Even if not seen well at this angle, this is a water bottle. Due to the fact that I had spent most of my spring break upstairs in my bedroom, I had drank lots of water bottles up there and left quite a collection on my nightstand.
One day, I had walked outside and had taken a photo of this cat outside. I was walking outside and saw this cat and since there are many stray cats in my compound, I decided to take a photo of this since it looks nice. I had named it Konoha.

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