Harn Museum Johnson Jaime Section 0899

Medium and Technique

Frank Stella - Zandvroot 1981

During my visit at the Harn Museum , one of the mediums I found most striking was this abstract piece named " Zandvroot." The artist, Frank Stella, created this piece using mixed mediums on etched magnesium. The colors and technique of the painting is what I find the most interesting about the artwork. Stella also created a series of art named after cities that have hosted the Grand Prix. He is what some people call a racing aficionado, displaying his racing adrenaline through his art work.

Design of The Museum

Elusive Spirits - African Masquerades

One of the most appealing places during my visit was the African Masquerades wing. The design was very space oriented, taking advantage of the area giving the spotlight to the artwork. I enjoyed the third-dimensional art this wing had to offer as well as the video projection near the front of the wing.

Art and Core Values

Korea - Buddhist Plaque 1738

One of the wooden sculptures I observed at the museum grabbed my attention. This specific sculpture looked as if it had a controversial symbol named the "Swastika" because of its presence during the holocaust. However, this symbol represents peace to many eastern civilizations. This piece was obtained and dated from 1738 during the Joseon Dynasty.

Art and The Good Life

Myrna Báez - En el patio de mi casa

The painting titled, " En el patio de mi casa" created by the artist Myrna Báez demonstrates the good life. It is a painting representing three people enjoying a picnic in Puerto Rico. The female is portrayed nude while the two men are dressed, as a reference to the french painting named "Le Dejeuner sur l'herbe." It represents the theme of celebrating the good life because these people are enjoying rest from a day of work similarly to the Sabbath.

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