Head in the (Instagrammed) Clouds E-Journaling 4

I chose the article, Head in the (Instagrammed) Clouds by Isabel H. Evans, written on July 19, 2013.

I chose this article because I think it is interesting. It's the point of view from someone who grew up without Internet and social media looking at the generation that is surrounded by it, and how it's changing society. She mentions that it is often a waste of time to use social media. She also constantly reassures her audience that, although she is criticizing it, she uses social media.

I find this article hypocritical. As someone that uses social media, to call it a waste of time and say that people who use it are egotistical, and assure that you will not get a job using social media is deceiving. The author mentions that you should spend time creating things that you can touch, rather than just see on a touch screen. Right below that, it says her credentials, and how she is an editor and English major. I find it funny that, as an editor who writes articles on a website, she is telling her audience to do things that are not online. Her career will mostly take place online, so it is like she is not following her own advice.

A lot of careers take place online. Photographers, journalists, social media advisors, advertisers, or even web designers rely on social media and the Internet for their career to succeed. People put a lot of time and effort into their work, and just because you cannot physically hold it, does not mean that it is meaningless. I think it is important to realize that the Internet and technology is extremely important now, and to try to avoid it is setting yourself up for failure. Majority of jobs involve some sort of technology, and can even rely on the internet. I agree that people should take breaks from the Internet and social media to go outside and enjoy things, but there is a lot of importance surrounding the Internet and social media. There was a time when people thought electricity was useless and that you can live without it, but look at society now, we basically rely on it to live.

I think that her point of view on social media is a generational thing. Although she does mention that she does not mean to go on a rant about "kids these days," however, I find that it is exactly what she did with the article. Older generations will always complain about cell phones, and how youth do not need it. Middle aged generations will complain about social media and not going through school with a computer, and young adults will always complain about not growing up with iPads or other technology that they now provide in kindergarten classes. I think it is completely a generational thing, and people will always complain that they did not have whatever technology that youth have now when they were growing up.

I personally do not find much harm in social media. When used right, it is a great way to spread information and a place to put memories that you have, or just talk about your daily life and thoughts. Although there are people that use it for their own advantage, or to harass others, there will always be people that exploit something good. Social media also helps connect the world, especially with all the recent events going on, such as the terrorist attack in London, Syria, and now Sweden. It is a great way to show support and help those in need.


Evans, Isabel H. "Head in the (Instagrammed) Clouds" (July 19, 2013). Retrieved from http://www.thecrimson.com/article/2013/7/19/social-media-evans/

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