Anne Frank Portfolio Adam Eilefson - Period 1.

Exploring the setting

Anne Frank House

The Secert Annex is the name given to the house that Anne and her family lived in. The hid there during World War Two because Hitler was capturing and killing Jews. They hid here and got food from other people that helped them survive.

Van Gogh Museum

The Van Gogh museum is located in Amsterdam. It's the largest collection of Van Gogh paintings in the world. It is the third most visited sight seeing place in Amsterdam. It is only behind Rijksmuesuem and Anne Frank's House.

Nuremberg Law

The Nuremberg Laws were laws that seperated Jews from Germans

1: Marriage between Jews and subjects of the state of German or related blood are forbidden. Marriages nevertheless concluded are invalid, even if concluded abroad to circumvent the law. Annulment proceedings can be initiated only by the State Prosecutor.

2: Extramarital intercourse between Jews and subjects of the state of German or related blood is forbidden.

3:Jews may not employ in their household female subjects of the state of German or related blood who are under 45 years old.

4: Jews are forbidden to fly the Reich or National flag or to display the Reich colors. They are, on the other hand, permitted to display the Jewish colors. The exercise of this right is protected by the State.

5: Any person who violates the prohibition under I will be punished by a prison sentence with hard labor. A male who violates the prohibition under I will be punished with a prison sentence with or without hard labor. Any person violating the provisions under III or IV will be punished with a prison sentence of up to one year and a fine, or with one or the other of these penalties. The Reich Minister of the Interior, in coordination with the Deputy of the Führer and the Reich Minister of Justice, will issue the Legal and Administrative regulations required to implement and complete the Law. The Law takes effect on the day following promulgations except for III, which goes into force on January 1, 1936. Nuremberg, September 15, 1935 at the Reich Party Congress of Freedom.

The Nuremberg Laws were laws that were made to discriminate against Jews. They did this by prohibiting Jews from marrying with Germans. It also prohibiting them from flying the German Flag. Most of the laws stopped the Jews from having relationships with Germans. If Jews broke the laws they were always thrown into prison and sometimes fined.


Propaganda is a way to control people's thoughts or actions. This is most commonly achieved through the media. One type of propaganda is demonization propaganda which is used to make other people look bad or evil. Another type of propaganda is Patriotic Appeal. This is used to make their own country look better. The last type is human caricature. This makes fun of stereotypes to make people look bad or ugly.


Anne Frank

Anne Frank was the youngest of her family. She was usually a joker, and was outgoing. However when she went into hiding she showed a bit more of her serious side. She was three and a half years younger then her sister Margot.

Margot Frank

Margot was the sister of Anne. She was older than Anne by about 3.5 years. She was always comPared to Anne as the better child. She was very courteous and respectful. She loved with her family in the secret annex.

Otto Frank

Otto was the father of two kids , Anne and Margot, and he was married to Edith Frank. He was the decision maker and regarded as the calm one. He also taught the children when they were hiding in secret annex

Edith Frank

She was the mother of two kids Hesse names were Anne and a Margot. She was married to Otto Frank. Anne would always argue with her. According to Otto she was a great mother who went to great lengths for her children.

Act One Summary

In act one Otto returned to the secret annex to get a scarf and he told Meip he was leaving. Then we jump back and Frank's just begin to move into the secret annex. In the secret annex they start they're daily life and soon someone named "Mr. Dussel" moves in. Soon after Anne gets accustomed to Mr Dussel, Hanukkah happens and then Anne gives everyone gifts.

Warsaw Ghetto Uprising

How many people died in the Warsaw Ghetto? In the Warsaw Ghetto uprising about 13,017 people died

How many German soldier and Jewish fighters were killed in the uprising? Seventeen German soliders died in the uprising and about 13,000 Jewish and Polish People died in the Uprising.

As a result of the uprising, what did it do for Jewish morale in Poland? The Warsaw Ghetto Uprising helped to raise the morale of Jewish people everywhere.


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