Tizzy's Journey *Not really it's just a portfolio*

The purpose of the project was to work together as a team to develop a cannon that uses air pressure to launch a tennis ball and hit a certain area like battleship. Another objective was to see the trajectory of the tennis ball, with varying launch angles.

We had been brainstorming an idea right away after Twilley had introduced us to the ideas of making cannons that are made from pvc pipes that shoots tennis balls with air pressured valves. The picture above shows the idea of how we were going to get our rotation in the cannon and we wanted to make a base with a plate including a hole down the middle of both of them. After that we thought of the idea with the bolt that if we put the bolt in the middle, not only will it secure the two together but it will allow them to slide and rotate off of each other.

The next day we went to get our wood for the Cannon, and we started brainstorming our design. We had originally wanted our up rights to face each other but decided to refine it and make it so they all face one way because there would not be that much support. Also the circles in the upright changed into loops with a little drop so the barrel would fit in without dropping or sliding out. In order to find the angles of the slots, we had to use trigonometry, but we forgot about the physics of the cannon slanting.
So our design had changed alot because of the advice that Twilley gave us and he showed us the gap in our visions that we had. The rectangle in the picture above is the Base but we changed it into more of a square shape. we also had to change the circle we wanted to do because the up rights and the supports would not fit on the circle. So we spent all day trying to find a way to put it on but at the end of the day we just made the circle into a square plate for the base to slide off of.
Zac cutting the PVC pipe to the designated size.
Cutting PVC pipes
The next day we started to construct our cannon together. when we originally glued the parts together, I had shoved in the elbow without putting the glue but put the primer in. It got stuck and Twilley tried to pull it out but there was no use. So we had to get new parts for it , but this time we did it correctly.
After we glued all our cannon parts together we had let it dry. once it was dry we drilled a hole for the bike pump would go through. once we did that we had to make sure that the excess rubber on the bottom of the bike pump was pinned against the pvc pipe when we glued it so it would not affect the air pressure coming out of the pipes.
Sending our design to the ShopBot to get it cut out

We had just got done putting out barrel supports inside of the barrel and we had designed the design for our base, plate, uprights, and upright supports on Onshape. After a few edits on Onshape we had went to the Shopbot to cut out our design.

Sanding the Base
Sanding the upright
We had sanded all of our parts because of the error that we had was we had a different board due to another group taking ours and since our design was fit for that board everything else on this board was too big. We tried to sand it down so that it would fit.
Attempting to put our parts together
At this point we glued everything together but then when we put our cannon in the slots. It would not fit. As i mentioned previously, there was a flaw in our design. So we were so frustrated and stressing out how we went all this way just for our project to fail....
Our solution was (thanks to Twilley) was to cut one of the upright supports tab on the bottom and glue it closer and the hole that we had for the uprights to sink it, cut it to the left a little more . With the exact measurements we were able to sucessfully fix our project. Even when you think that you failed, there's a million possibilities . Don't give up
It was honestly such a satisfying moment. We were able to get out there and shoot our cannon due to all the fixes we to do. The day we went out to shoot for the 1st time , Twilley's Nephew was here because he had made a bet that his nephew can come ONLY if the patriots won the superbowl. And what do you know, they did so I let him have the experience of shooting our cannon for his first time. He was a pretty chill dude

Twilley's Nephew shooting our cannon

The next class our whole group was here and we started to shoot for points . It was hard to get the same consistency, but Me, Tymir, and Zac ended up getting the most points out of every class. We went through all the stressful moments, Twilley lectures, design flaws, and we came out on top.

Even through all the flaws in our design, the problems that we had to go through we still came out on top. If there was one thing i would change, i would go back to change our measurements because we relied so much on the board that we did not measure the brand new board, quite frankly we were in a rush to cut out our design on the Shopbot. Also i would like to change the fact the we have 3 people instead of 4. It was a struggle with alot of problems but our success overcame our problems.


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