What is Good Food? Good food is food that provides you essential nutrients, proteins, and energy. Or foods that can be found on the food pyramid.

The first good food that you should acquire in your diet are foods like breads, cereals and potatoes, these food provide carbohydrates, like fiber and starch.

Another good food is fruits and vegetables, this group of foods can't be stressed enough on how important they are, they are important to get all the vitamins you need and a great source of energy to kick start the day.

Another good food is dairy products, such as milk and cheese, these sources are good for protein and are good for your bones, some people can't eat or drink dairy products, but you are getting these sources from other things and you don't even know it.

Meat, fish and alternatives, are a good source of protein and should be eaten in small amounts about 2 small servings a day.

Another good food is fats, oils and other confectionery foods should be eaten sparingly and occasionally because it can be very fattening.

Good food is food that fills you up, and makes you feel good after eating it, like a filling meal that provide more than just one food on the pyramid.

Another good food/drink is a smoothie, you can add just about anything in your smoothie and it will provide you a ton of energy and nutrients and will get you through the day, especially if you drink one in the morning.

Another food/ drink that is essential for your health is water, water is very important to a diet and you need about 8 large servings a day, it is an essential nutrient, you can add food in it, like strawberries, lemons, cucumbers, or other refreshing foods to get even more out of your drink.

Salads or leafy greens is another good food because you get good energy and greens are good for your liver, and you can add other good foods, such as fruit and vegetables for a kick and more flavor.

Oatmeal is a good source of protein and fiber and will get you going for the day, it has a lot of nutrients that will slowly release throughout the day, very filling as well.


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