Part 107 Training Round 1 - Dec 1-Dec 15 2016

3 Field Personnel + 2 VDC Personnel = 5 Total Participants from Austin

2 Weeks of prep time - First two weeks met for a full day once per week - Last week = one full group day + 1/2 group day + 1/2 day testing. All group sessions were conducted at the Austin Office.

Course Materials

  • UAV Coach - Training Videos, Quizzes, and Sample Tests
  • Various 3rd party prepared free-to-use study guides
  • FAA Study Guide
  • FAA 8080-2G Manual
  • RO Generated Review Quizzes (Open Ended)
  • All provided in tabbed binders


  • Primarily use UAV Coach, discuss more challenging topics as a group
  • Review past material at each meeting
  • Open ended quiz questions to push for thorough understanding
  • Study topics on own following group discussion, 10 hrs/wk reccomended
  • Talk through sample tests towards end of course
  • Take practice test on own prior to test day

Course Notes

  • Day 1 - Take 40 Q sample exam
  • Group Days - 60% UAV Coach, 40% Instructor Led
  • Started at 8:00AM, usually done between 3:30 and 4:00PM
  • Use of UAV Coach allowed Instructor to step out for a couple hours


  • Completed at Austin Academy of Aviation
  • $150/person - Individuals paid, to be reimbursed
  • 2 hours allotted, but most finished in ~1 hour


  • 100% Pass rate on first attempt
  • 5 RO Employees en route to having an Airmen Certificate
  • More informed and safer pilots


  • Survey sent out to all (5) participants following the exam

Lessons Learned

  • Consider participant location when scheduling group sessions
  • General consensus - Real exam was more difficult than practice exams
  • Expect the un-expected on the real exam
  • More focus and frequent group discussions
  • Visual aids - model plane, airspace blocks
  • Purchase FAA 8080-2G, or print at high quality
  • Drawing any more conclusions regarding test vs study material is subject to error based on small sample size

Moving Forward

  • Track Airmen Certificate status of pilots
  • Setup recurring training - 24 month FAA req'd as well as update training
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