Father Gregory W. Bierbaum Honoring #HeroPriests

Father Gregory W. Bierbaum, St. Mark Catholic Church, Highlands Ranch, CO

Submitted by: Mike Huelsing

Not only has he made the sacraments a priority but he has preached boldly and with conviction in these challenging times! His determination to fight the local city government in Denver, who tried to shut down our Sunday Masses back in May, showed his backbone and love for his parishioners. He responded to the situation with urgency and in a stern but charitable manner. We ended up getting Masses up and running again within 24 hours. He has also been available for confession before every Mass. Our digital efforts have gotten better and better each week to provide a quality liturgy experience for those who need it. We have continued essential ministries for those in need and we continue to have catechesis and fellowship programming outside for the parish. I believe our parish will encounter more growth in the months and years to come due to his response. I hear more people talking about our parish more than ever before due to his great leadership and pastoral skills.

He has preached the Gospel boldly at every Mass, including daily Masses. His zeal and passion has only increased during the pandemic. I am proud to call St. Mark’s my home parish because of his example and priesthood. I have undoubtedly become much closer to Jesus and the Catholic faith during these challenging times.

I’m sure there are other great priests in Denver and Colorado Springs Diocese but I haven't heard of anyone going above and beyond like Father Greg. I am very connected in the Catholic community in Denver due to FOCUS (Fellowship of Catholic University Students) and sending my kids to Catholic school.