Jaden's Number theStars Diary By jaden


In World War ll, people in those countries probably felt sad and disappointed that there team mates passed away because maybe they mite be there family members and friends.


When I think about neighbors I think of them as family, friends and if something would happen they would risk there life to help people. If they are in trouble and I would do the same.


I think that the Number the Stars is going to be about girl that is going through problems with her family and every night she goes outside and looks at the stars.

Literary Analysis

Mama says " be one of many". I think this means you don't have to be like other people be yourself don't have to werrry about how people do things different then you. I think she's says this because she don't want Annemarie to think she has to be like other people and should just be herself.

Annemarie felt like that if Ellen ever get caught she risk her life to protect Ellen from the solider's and protect the king and that she was glad that she was a reaguler person.

Annemarie felt scared and nervous when the solider's come in the house to check if Annemarie's family don't have any jew's in the house, before the solider's came in Annemarie room she broke Ellen's jewish necklace put it in her hand and squeezed the necklace in her and and came out the room when the solider's left she let go of the necklace it left the star of the necklace.

If Denmark were bodyguard. I think the jews


We just read that soliders are taking over Denmark. There are no lights and electric. Mrs Hirsch button shop has a shop sign that is in German and Annemarie cant understand what it says. So they are wondering where Mrs Hirsch and Mrs Rosen are.

Therefore, I predict that...


Man vs Man

Man vs Himself

Man vs Nature

When the solders ignored her and then tossed two halves of bread to the ground on half of the bread the dog consumed, and the dog consumed the other half.

They learned not to talk to the the soldiers sence they were rude and ugly.

I know this man vs nature because the soldiers threw the bread on the ground.

Man vs Society

When Ellen parents were up set that Ellen was not ok when the got taking away.

Ellen is parents the rosens leared not to go to when the notse were out.

Society knew this was this type of conflict because the Rosens were trying not let the german soldiers to find out they were jew's.


Vocabulary Words

lanky & Stocky

"she was a stokry 10 year-old, unlike lanky Annemarie''. (page1)

Based on the sentence , lanky and stocky have oppisite meanings. I also know they are body types because of the description of the race

Lanky means tall and skinny. stoky means a big and think build.

Suffix-y, reating to or filled with; other words; messy, chessy, lucky


But Annemarie heard mama and papa talk, sometimes at night about the news of sabotage against the Nazis, bombs hidden and explored in factories that produced war materials


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