Taco Island Skylar Long

What dangers do you see as a person stranded on this deserted island. Be specific and explain your answers.

The dangers I see as a person on this deserted island is not being able to find materials to build a shelter, not being able to find food and fresh water and, not being rescued. Not being able to build a shelter can be dangerous because the environment could be very harsh and the only way to survive is to be protected in a shelter. Not having food is also dangerous because without it you can die and you need fresh water because the water could be contaminated and have diseases that may be able to kill you. And finally the dangers of not being rescued is that eventually you may run out of resources like food and not be able to survive anymore.

Taco Island

Create a list of characters from the novel The Lord of the Flies and add details about them using textual evidence from the novel.

Ralph-fair (8), 12 years old (10), arrogant (did not ask piggy his name (11))

Piggy-fat(8),whiny(44), lazy(39), outcast(42)

Simon-queer/funny(55), skinny(55), small(55), bright eyes(55), long black hair(55)


Jack- a leader(20), controlling(20), sandy hair(48), has freckles (48), bright blue eyes(48)

Sam and Eric- twins(19), chunky(19), vital(19)

Type the rules we created as a classroom from the board. This is something we will return to. In the meantime, pick the rule you find most important (from the ones we created) and explain why that rule, above all others is most important on this island.


travel in 2+

don't go out at night

share resources

clean up after yourself

communicate effectively

do your job

do not kill each other

I think the most important rule is do not kill each other. This is the most important rule because if everyone on the island started to freak out and kill each other no one would be hunting, looking for water, or building a shelter so nothing would get done. Another reason that this is the most important rule is because the more people they have the faster and better they can get there priorities done also they can all work together to create a plan to get rescued.

One of the themes of this novel is survival. Explain why the setting of this story adds to or contributes to the theme.

The setting of the story contributes to the theme because they are stranded on a deserted island so they have to survive on their own and there are no adults around to help them.

wild pigs

Ralph has said, “This is a good island” (Golding 35). Ralph’s pronouncement will prove ironic; it is definitely NOT a good island. What problems do readers already know about? Explain why these problems prove this is NOT a good island after all.

This is not a good island because the only animals they have seen so far are pigs. Another reason this is not a good island is because the weather is to hot during the day and at night it is dangerous so the only good time to be there is in the morning.

conch shell

Symbols are physical things that represent abstract ideas. The following are some of the symbols from the novel The Lord of the Flies.



the platform-democracy


painted faces-anonymity


Piggy's glasses-survival

the island-isolation

conch-law and order

Describe the Beast that seems to be stalking the island. Use the text as backup for your info.

The beast is a snake(85) or a ghost(89) that lives in the water(89). It is twisty and lurks in the trees at night when it is dark outside(85).

"The beast"

Name at least two things the boys are doing or have given up that show how they are now operating on instinct and no longer trying to follow the rules of society. Explain your answers with information from the text.

During the assembly's most of the boys talk without having the conch even though there is a rule that you can't talk without it. Another thing the boys do that shows they are operating on instinct is that not just the hunters are going out to find the beast. Everyone but the littluns and piggy are hunting for it even though it is the hunters job.


Two rituals people are most familiar with are weddings and funerals. Pick an event (a wedding or a funeral). Make a list of at least 3 phrases people use at the event you picked. Using one of your phrases, explain why your phrase is helpful in the situation.

Some phrases people say at weddings are "To love and cherish, For better or worse, for richer or poorer, In sickness and in health, From this day forward", "i do" and "you may now kiss the bride".

The phrase "To love and cherish, For better or worse, for richer or poorer, In sickness and in health, From this day forward" is helpful because it is a promise to the other person that no matter what happens you will always love them. You say "i do" because it shows that you do want to spend the rest of your live with that person. You are saying that you take that person in to your life to love forever. "you may now kiss the bride" is said because it is the first kiss shared between the two people since becoming husband and wife . These phrases are all said to show love between you and the person you are marrying. They help the day be more special and show how important the moment is.

Choose a character, either Ralph or Jack and explain the effect seeing the Beast has on the character you have chosen. Use textual information to support your answer.

Some experiences can effect people in different ways. Seeing the beast had an effect on Ralph. He no longer wants to go up on the mountain to cook food or make a fire. He has become less worried about the rules so he starts disobeying them like when jack had the conch but he talked anyway(125). Usually Piggy and the littleuns are the ones left behind but now Ralph has decided to stay with them too. Ralph has also become rude to jack. He ignored his question and made fun of his hunters for thinking they could kill the beast with sticks(125). Ralph was the only one that really cared about getting rescued and about the fire the whole time but now he is worried about becoming like the others and not caring anymore.


Retell in your own words what has happened to Simon. Use textual evidence to help you create a vivid paragraph.

It was dark out side and Simon came crawling out of the forest to tell the others that there was not beast. The boys were doing there dance forming a circle and chanting " Kill the beast! Cut his throat! Spill his blood!" The circle spread apart and opened up looking like a horseshoe letting Simon in. The boys thought it was the beast so they started beating him. Simon was yelling about the dead man on the hill. He struggled braking out of their circle and fell of the steep edge on to the sand by the water. Then Simon's dead body drifted out to see.

dark forest

In life people create groups. These groups might be at school, in sports, in extracurricular activities, and through religious organizations. Explain what needs groups fill for people. Explain both the positive and negative aspects of being part of a group. You may relate this to our novel, or you may make it a person reflection of your own experience.

The needs that groups fill for people is that it lets them interact with others that they have something in common with. For example if you are on a sports team you and the other players like that sport. There are a lot of groups at school. A positive thing about groups is having people there for you and never feeling like you are alone. The people in the group or your friends always have your back and that is a good thing to be a part of. The bad thing about groups is that you never talk to anyone outside of your group or that other people are left out because they don't have a group.

football team

“Which is better - to have rules and agree, or to hunt and kill?”Using this quote, take a stand. Pick a side and explain why your decision is best on this island here at the end of Chapter 11. Don’t forget to use textual evidence to support your answer.

I think it is better to have rules and agree. This is better on the island because if there are no rules people are running around doing whatever they want. Without rules they killed Simon. The rules will help them to be saved because they will start a fire to create smoke that attracts others to the island to save them. The savages didn't do anything to help them get rescued and were not civilized. They did not care if they killed some one but if they had not been on an island and had been around adults with rules they would have never killed someone and if they had there would have been consequences. This is why it is better to have rules and agree.


choose a picture and a quote from the book and add it to your blog. Explain why you chose the picture and the caption to summarize your experience with the book.

"maybe there is a beast...maybe its only us."(Golding 89).

i chose this quote because the beast in the story was not an actual beast it was the boys and Simon was the only one who realized that. This is a picture of Simon looking at what they sacrificed for the beast. Simon though the beast was talking to him but it was his imagination it said "funny thinking the beast was something you could hunt and kill. This goes with the quote that Simon said because the beast isn't a real thing you cant hunt and kill it if its all of you. The pig head represented the beast and everything evil on the island. My experience with the book was that if you don't have law and order everything falls apart and people become less and less civilized.

What did you think about the novel? Explain how you best enjoyed the novel: the British man, reading on your own, or me reading. The Adobe Spark Blog, Any additional information you would like to include

I like the novel Lord of the Flies. i liked how it showed what would happen in a situation that people are not usually in. It showed what happens when law and order end and when people are left to do whatever they want to do with out any consequences. I enjoyed the novel best when you read it. The blog helped me understand and think more about the details in the book and i understood it more by doing this blog.

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