James Naismith Katelyn aNd rylan

James Naismith invented basketbll. And all 13 rules. His uncle worked on a farm.when his parents died he moved to the farm.

James Naismith died in 1939 he was born in 1861 .he died when he was 78 years old when he died. You get kicked out of even if you were hurting or been rowdy. His favorite game was duckΒ on a rock. Basketball quickly became a lot of people's favorite sports. Uncle Peter enjoyed it and thanked that help With the farm.because of James and uncle Peter got a lot of work done. Basketball was first played in 1891.

James naismith wanted a new sport. He needed something kids could play in the winter. It it was too cold to Play in the winter it was too cold to play outside. So he tied baskets up at each end of the gym.



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