Canon PowerShot N100 Risa Nomura Y9

It is a pocket sized and modern designed compact camera. This is for photographers who want high-quality photos, high-powered zoom and wi-fi that comes in a compact size. Without many functions and buttons, you get to experience almost the same quality as professional cameras.

Canon PowerShot N100 - Black

By using story highlights mode, it selects images to create a short movie. You get to shoot with lots of different angles with 90 degrees tilting LCD screen. It comes with a very convenient button which turns on Wi-Fi and connects to your smart device, just by touching it. It starts filming in Full HD 1080p quality just by touching a button.

Canon PowerShot N100 - White

Looking at the reviews of the product, there were some positives and negatives. For positives, people said that you can take high-quality photos, has unique storytelling mode, bright touchscreen and wide aperture lens. For negatives, some said that it is overly large and heavy, stumbles at high ISOs and that LCD doesn’t fully tilt. Overall, including the design, features, performance and image quality, it was rated 7.6 out of 10.

Its competing product is also a compact camera, the Nikon Coolpix S9900. They have some of the good points in common, for example, they both have swivelling display, enough space for the thumbs on the back which means that it’s secure to hold the camera in one hand and they both have well sized and place buttons which is very essential when you are looking for a compact camera. For bad points, they only have one thing in common, which is poor face detection performance. Their prices don’t vary that much, Canon PowerShot N100 is $49 cheaper than Nikon Coolpix S9900.

Canon PowerShot N100 is definitely environmentally friendly as it is a digital camera. Using a digital camera doesn’t acquire you to use chemicals when you want to develop photographs. Nowadays, we use rechargeable batteries and they won’t be thrown away which means that they have a positive effect to the environment.

I would definitely choose to buy Canon PowerShot N100 because it is cheaper than Nikon and has better quality than other products.

Canon PowerShot N100 - Black


67.5mm (Width) x 104.5mm (Length)

Where should I purchase it?

The product could be purchased at a Canon store or an electronic store. I didn’t choose to buy it online as you might get scammed and you don't know if you actually like the product or not unless you actually check it with your eyes and hands. Therefore, it’ll be better to go to a store instead of purchasing it online. Because cameras are pretty expensive to purchase, you want to avoid purchasing it online where there’s a high risk of getting scammed.

Canon PowerShot N100 - White


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Have any problems with your product?

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In Store

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Got scammed?

If you got scammed when purchasing online, you can report it to ‘scamwatch’.


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