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USO San Diego is focused on serving the needs of our active duty military community in ways that unite families with each other and to the community in order to feel at home no matter where they are! USO San Diego entertains our troops and families to keep them smiling especially when smiling gets tough; we deliver resources, programs, and information when and where it's needed most! USO San Diego also helps our local heroes transition into life after the military! To build a strong community starts with a firm foundation!

We strive to be honorable stewards of the donations and sponsorships with our San Diego community by creating effective needs-based programs and resources. It is our responsibility to use our donations and sponsorships in a safe, smart, and sustainable way in order to continue serving our military community for generations to come.

Military Spouses make sacrifices daily in order to support their active duty service member and their families. Unemployment amongst the MilSpouse community is high and it is often difficult for them to make connections in new communities. San Diego is one of the largest military communities in the Unites States and USO San Diego strives to create an environment for Military Spouses to connect and thrive. Our goal is to link them with resources in the community and also with one another. The intention is to build a strong San Diego military community, but also a strong worldwide United States military community as our military spouses take the skills they learn here and carry them to their next duty station.

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April 2019 MilSpouse Event

MilSpouse Coders Event 04.25.19 at Point Loma Library 1000-1200 with 22 highly interested and eager to learn spouses!
Interactive create as you learn coding on your own device!
Learning to create their own website and protecting their invention and their own name!
MilSpouse Coders Giveaways! Spouses were asked HighTech questions for a chance to win a T-Shirt!

May 2019 MilSpouse Event

MilSpouse Connect Group Yoga Event at Sugar Sweet Farm 05.04.19! Sugar Sweet Farm graciously hosted a 1 hour goat yoga event for 30 of our military spouses from all branches: Marines, Navy, Coast Guard, Army, and Air Force followed by light refreshments, fresh citrus from their orchard, and lavender scented warm towels!
05.04.19 One Military Spouse stated: "This was an experience I wouldn't have experienced any where else"... Melissa
Sugar Sweet Farm had beautiful mama and baby goats as well as two beautiful llamas during the 1 hour Yoga Session!
This beauty enjoyed an interesting snack during Yoga!
Some of our military spouses were "Goat Whisperer's!"
A quote from a spouse: "This truly allowed for me to forget about deployment and connect with other alike spouses and nature all in 1 hour!"...Ashley
Each of one the spouses were allowed to hold, nurture, and enjoy the baby goats and absolutely loved every moment of it!
This Spouse... yes this is one of our spouses whom had this adventurous tattoo on her left shoulder... she quoted: "This is literally my dream come true...I LOVE goats!"

To see more photos please visit: https://photos.app.goo.gl/MQwuo1CVe2WxpXvr9


THANK YOU CHEF JOE HUFFAKER of COUCH POTATOES for providing our Military Spouses with an important topic on Healthier Lifestyles!
USO San Diego Provided 5 basket giveaways to our Military Spouses themed for Healthy Meal Prep in the home cooking essentials along with 7 $25 Commissary Gift Cards!
Chef Joe engaging the Military Spouses in a healthier lifestyle!
Chef Joe explaining to our spouses affordable kitchen utensils.
Chef Joe captivating the spouses with the Rainbow Theory!
This is what MILSPOUSE CONNECT is about! Connecting one another in groups and introducing new spouses to one another while engaging in educated fun!


USO San Diego provided a delicate and delightful breakfast with fluffy scrambled eggs, sausage, bacon, biscuits n gravy, fresh fruit, assorted muffins, fresh brewed coffee, cucumber water, assorted hot teas, and assorted juices from Anchors Catering and Conference Center!
Navy Marine Relief Corps Society Volunteer Soranun Booppanon providing informative information on NMCRS and budgeting to over 50 Military Spouses and their children!
Our Military Spouses enjoying an educated breakfast!
The audience were extremely engaged and interactive with Soranun from NMCRS.
Military Spouses contemplating and strategizing interactive activities!
Thank you NMCRS!!!

MilSpouse Book Club Event June 2019

JPM Ombudsmen MilSpouse Book Club Event brought spouses together to talk about an intense novel they read in 1 week.


On Saturday July 20, 2019 we had over 30 Military Spouses and their children attend our program for "Military Moves Just Got Easier" with Professional Organizers; Jana Hartwell from Sensible Organizing Solutions and Amy Gardiner from Higher Order. USO San Diego provided 10 Organizational Opportunity Drawings, healthy snacks and drinks, and amazing connections between the community professionals and Military Spouses.
Opportunity Drawing Winners!
USO San Diego Giveaways!
Amy Gardiner presentation.
Jana Hartwell presentation.
Answer the question, receive an organization binder for important documents!
Military Spouses competition to see who can build and break down moving boxes the fastest! In the end Teamwork between the 3 women preservaled!

August 2019 MilSpouse Couples

USO San Diego's very first Couples Goat Yoga at Sugar Sweet Farms on August 17, 2019. Please click on this link for additional pictures: https://photos.app.goo.gl/LhPXYtNG628NCuGZ6


Point Loma Navy Federal generously opened their branch location to our Military Spouses for a seminar on budgeting, credit report understanding, savings and certificates, as well as organizing affordability with daily expenses on August 20, 2019! Thank you Navy Federal!

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Striking Statistics

MilSpouse employment findings from uschamberfoundation.org

  • Unemployment and underemployment continue to be significant challenges for most military spouses. Many are in part time or seasonal positions when they would prefer full time or permanent work.
  • Military spouses with degrees face the greatest challenges in nearly every measurable employment category. They face the highest rates of unemployment and the most difficulty finding meaningful work.
  • Moves between duty stations play havoc on careers. Not only do most military spouses have to quit jobs because of a move, they face long periods of unemployment after the move.
  • Like most American families, military families want and need two incomes – something that is much harder for military families to achieve.
  • The lack of employment opportunities creates stress and influences a family's decision to stay In or leave the military – factors that ultimately hurt military readiness, retention, and recruiting.
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