Who is Hare Sürel ? Instagram : sarasurel

Hare sürel is a great turkish actor that was born in 5 march 1983 , she is 33 years old.

She started acting from 2000 till now a days , from her films :

Fakat Müzeyyen Bu Derin Bir Tutku - 2014
Pek yakında - 2014
Bir varmış bir yokmuş - 2015

From her series :

Kız Babası - 2006
Elveda Rumeli 3. Sezon - 2009
Canımın içi - 2012
Medcezir - 2013 till 2015
Poyraz Karayel - 2015 till 2017
Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations

Interview with hare sürel :

The interviewer : Women often change their hairs when they feel depressed , Was this the reason shaved part of your hair ? Hare : No , I just shaved it for Meltem's character , It was not something that I will love in my own life but it was necessary for the character

Hare : Daily I cover the shaved part by the other side hair

The interviewer : what did you discover about that mysterious world while you were preparing for Meltem's character ? Hare : I can not say that I reached the details and that is for being that world mysterious , Meltem's character focuses on her career

The interviewer : Did you want to be a hacker ?

Hare : I didn't want to , I am a sensitive person toward entering people's lives

The interviewer : what are the positives & negatives about being in " Poyraz Karayel "?Hare : actually I didn't see any negatives , it's a lovable series being a part of him is a Valuable thing , I'm happy for being a part of a team that gave good energy

The interviewer : life's logo ?

Hare : Giving the right to live , attention and care and work for the best

The interviewer : The film that you will never be bored from watching it ?

Hare : all the Swedish director ( Ingmar Bergman ) films

Ingmar Bergman

The interviewer : With who do you want to take a selfie ?

Hare : with ( Daniel Day - Lewis )

Daniel day - Lewis

The interviewer : Were you watching "Poyraz Karayel " in the first season ?

Hare : Actually I didn't watch it in regular time because I was working , but it Caught my attention by Being one of the powerful productions last season

The interviewer : is there is any series that you watch it reagularly ?

Hare : I have an idea about every series but there is not any series that I could see it regualarly because I have to work

The interviewer : Many people think that you have a baby face and different , do you think that you are beautiful ?

Hare : honestly, I don't think that my first feather is beauty

Hare if you are reading this know well that we love you so much , you're such a great actor we're always behind you💗

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