Christmas in United Kingdom By- jaelyn kessen and Isabel Peak

Christmas in United Kingdom

The main meal is eaten at lunch time. They eat roast beef and goose sometimes bacon and sausages.

Christmas is celebrated with Christmas lights that the people put up every Christmas. Then a famous person turns them on. Carol services are also very popular at Christmas time.

There is a Santa Clause, that they sometimes call Father Christmas. He leaves presents in stockings or pillow cases. They are normally hung by the fire or by the bed.

Christmas lasts 1 day/24 hours. They have a white Christmas every 4 to 5 years. In the United Kingdom it doesn't snow very often.

Most people do have a Christmas tree. They might even two in their house. Decorating the tree is usually a family tradition. Christmas trees were first made a thing by Prince Albert who was husband of Queen Victoria. They do have presents. Santa or Father Christmas will leave presents in your stockings.

United Kingdom Christmas Trees

Fun Facts- 1. In Scottish Merry Christmas is 'Blithe Yule'. 2. When they eat they decorate their table with a Christmas cracker. 3. The UK is also famous for Christmas cakes. 4. In the UK it doesn't snow very often.

Christmas Crackers
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