Recruitment financing of terrorists Early detection could save lives

Three main funding sources for terrorist recruiters

1. Financial support from the terror organisation

2. Crowdfunding and donations (including the misuse of non-profit organisations)

3. Profits from illicit activties

How are the funds being used?

The main items of expenditure are personal expenses, both of the recruiter and the recruitment network. Recruitment financing also entails financial support for fake identification, transportation, accommodation upon joining a terrorist group and renting premises for meetings.


Costs are also related to direct payments to recruits, hiring mercenaries and civilian professionals and producing and distributing propaganda material.

Individual vs recruitment networks

Individual recruiters may be self-funded while whole recruitment networks encounter ongoing expenditures to maintain their infrastructure which has costs related to the above, e.g. renting of housing, transport and meeting rooms.

Society needs your help to detect financing of terrorist recruitment

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