MUSE MODEL SHEET Is it hot in here, or is it just you?

Hi there! Congrats! You're officially booked to rock your sexy, let loose and have some fun. This is your official 'Muse Model Sheet' to help you prepare for an incredible, intimate boudoir shoot with Pamela and Jayd. We've crafted some exercises to channel and embrace your inner-muse. All of us have a part of this in us, we just need permission to let it out. Remember, it's all love, no push. Everything we do is about feeling damn good so take your time, get comfy, have some tea and explore all the inner-workings of what it means to be a Modern Day Muse. We'll be following up on the questionnaire below to get better acquainted with you before we meet. Until then, settle back into your skin (feels good, eh?) and enjoy.


A muse in her purest form is the source of artistic expression. She lives a life where she's both feminine and powerful, complex and simple, kind and strong, open and honest, passionate and calm. She approaches life with a mysterious grace, guided by an intuitive heart that leads her to her edge, a dark, deep corner she madly loves and gets to express every once in a while. In short, it's her contradictions that make her so irresistibly intriguing, mysterious, down to earth and very, very real.

Fun Fact: Angelina Jolie and Sade are Jayd's Muses for their mystery, sex appeal, and elegance + edge

Are you? | sensual | provocative | alluring | mysterious | curious | creative | playful | flirty | sexy | adventurous | wild | natural | free-spirited | erotic | fun | inspired | sexual | open | vulnerable | brave | go-getter | natural | impish | feisty | Yes, yes you are.

She looked like summer and walked like rain

Who inspires you? Pick one famous female celebrity you've always been visually drawn to. Research her on Youtube and get to know her. Find interviews, photos, music videos, and quotes. Take a pen and paper and jot down what you think makes her so intriguing, attractive, popular and confident? This is your Muse.

The heart is the hub of all sacred places. Go there, and roam.

The vibe she exudes is what you'll aspire to embody at your boudoir shoot. Think of her as your temptress - meant to be at your disposal at anytime. A Muse can tempt and inspire from you from out of your mind and back into your heart. Don't think, just feel.


Stand in front of a long-length mirror and rock your sexy. This is your permission slip to let go of any inhibitions. It's time to get familiar with your curves and frame. What is your favorite part of your body? Is it your delicate collar bone, slender shoulders, long legs, hourglass waist, or luscious derrière? Standing and watching yourself provocatively pose, dance and love yourself will be the most impactful thing you do to prep for your shoot. Here's our gal, Beyoncè showing us how to slowly and seductively move - pay close attention to her hands, neck, hair, eyes, hips and lips. We also shot a short clip of Jayd during her boudoir shoot. What you'll notice is that there's no need to rush. Just like foreplay, s-l-o-w is better. Be patient with yourself. Enjoy yourself. Laugh at yourself. Explore yourself and just dance, baby dance. This is you and your body in its pleasure + seductive zone. Arch that back, baby got back. *wink, wink*

The Feminine symbolizes balance and healing, renewal and restoration, intuition and creativity, love and compassion. She is the counterpart to the Sacred Masculine.

Lace | Thigh-Highs | Fish Nets | Black Stilettos | Fancy Earrings | Knee-Highs | Nude Pumps | Basic Black & Dark Colors Are Uber Sexy | A Loose, Soft Sweater | Victoria's Secret | Thongs | Satin | Push Ups Bras | G-Strings | Lace Underwire Bras | Itty Bitty Booty Shorts | His Uniform | La Perla | Agent Provocateur | Necklaces | Garters | Mesh & Sheer| Strappy Heels | Sexy Bodysuits | Matching Bra & Panty Sets | Gold | The Key Thing: It's Gotta Make You Feel Uber Sexy

Tip: 'One Size" does not fit all. Identify your favorite body part first, then choose things that'll compliment and show it off. Try everything in front of a mirror at home (heels and all) before you arrive to your shoot.
A Muse is a woman who emerges from deep within herself. She is a woman who has honestly explored her darkness and learned to celebrate her light.

We'll need you to arrive to your shoot with your hair already styled. Jayd loves getting a blow out at The Drybar the night before a shoot so she can wake up with a "perfectly tousled, bedroom head" (wowza). Go for waves, lots of volume, or straight and sleek - whatever makes you feel freakin' sexy, we're all about. Lashes will be included in your make-up application. Other things you may like to indulge in (but not required) are an airbrush tan, manicure, pedicure (nude, light pink, natural colors are best), shaving and waxing. Here are a list of preferred vendors we're obsessed with - check them out:

Bronze Buddha Glow - Organic Airbrush Tans, Phoenix

Keep Calm, Wax On, Scottsdale - Laura Smith

Mani/Pedi, Ken's Nail Spa, Phoenix

She has a body that she adores and it shows by the way she comfortably lives and moves in it.

We'll be playing sexy jams during our shoot to get you in the mood, but until then, here's a playlist for you to enjoy at home, while cooking, in the bath, or to practice your model movements. Click below to rock your sexy. Hey girl, heyyyyy.

One last thing...

You are brave. You are beautiful. You are brilliant. You are sexy. You are so so smart. You are one Mutha-F**king Goddess. XO

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