Technical Summary Score

Concise insight from trusted, transparent analytics

Technical Summary Score delivers a concise technical outlook on three timeframes, enabling new experiences to reach more investors by synthesizing the rich information in Technical Insight™. Now any investor can benefit from the insights offered by technical analysis in the moment it might help them, from looking up stocks on mobile platforms for a quick perspective, to decision support on ETFs or asset allocation or top-down analysis.

The model is verified by a panel of experts including TRADING CENTRAL analysts, as the best fit for summary vs alternative models such as counting bullish and bearish events.

Insights at the point of action: Fueling new experiences

Technical Summary Score is very actionable for an investor when determining what is a suitable candidate for them or how long to hold their investment. Brokers typically tie this into the “stock overview” as they shift from showing data to helping investors synthesize that data and quickly flip through and compare opportunities.

Reaching more investors and supplying support for decision making

Technical Summary Score addresses the need for a directional perspective on indices or ETFs representing the market or specific segments to deliver a top-down analysis or a perspective on asset allocation. It assists those looking to fill a gap in their stock ratings collection for a technical perspective, as distinct from traditional more static fundamental based ratings.

Simple insights backed with transparency

Technical Summary Score is a companion to Technical Insight where investors can dig deeper to understand all of the rich Technical Event information that is synthesized into the scores. The model is transparent, keeping the investor informed and in control of their own decisions.

Platforms are shifting to bring insights like technical sentiment to the investor’s portfolio

Key Features

Directional Summary for three timeframes: Delivers a simplified directional outlook of bullish, bearish or neutral over short, mid and long-term, allowing more investors to benefit from technical analysis even if they are not digging into the details learning about specific indicators and chart patterns.

Numerical score: Numerical score (e.g. +3 or -12) representing the weight of evidence behind the overall outlook fueling visualizations. A greater number of recent events adds to the weight of evidence. This allows designers to showcase more precise variation when allowing users to compare scores enables visualization of “how much evidence” there is that the situation is bullish or bearish.

Qualitative description and code: A qualitative description that provides more specific characterization of the situation to add credibility to the simplified score while not yet revealing too much detail for investors. For example, an overall bullish situation may be qualified in the following ways among others: “There is one bearish event”, “All events are bearish” or “Recent bearish events outweigh bullish events”.

Transparent detail listing: The listing of technical events can be used to offer transparency and a timeline of bullish and bearish events factored into the score.

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