Ancient Rome Rome wasn't built in a day!

i chose this topic because i love architecture and learning about other places then where i live currently, fun fact is that downtown near the capital is my favorite place to do because of the diverse architecture, also a lot of downtown Denver has a lot of different cultural building designs, Greek, Spanish ,roman and the building type in England. ( bit of a given )

how do we connect past civilizations to the present day? ive found several ways to. examples: religion, government ways, building methods and games. All these have been passed down and continued to this day.

Government for example, we run our government in few of the styles Romans did. But ancient Greeks had armies and a ‘ emperor ‘ but most of the government they had was the gods they believed in and a ruling senate. in total the Romans had twelve gods and goddesses. Zeus god of the sky, Hera goddesses of marriage. mothers and family , Poseidon god of the sea, Athena goddesses of war, wisdom and useful arts, Demeter goddesses of agriculture, Ares god of war, Aphrodite goddesses of love and beauty, Apollo god of archery, poetry, music,sun, medical, prophecy , Janus god of beginnings , Hades god of the underworld, Iris the god of rainbows and messenger of gods

we the people of america use English to speak but did you know English is made up of several different tongues, including roman. examples: we use the roman numerals in math, science, humanities and e c t,. we also have Greek, french, and our own new words we have made and or picked up from one another. okay back to the roman numerals, they have over 300 numbers that's A LOT! imagine having to writ things like, ll mo c all the time in math science ect

what did romans do for fun? Some things the Romans did for fun were horrible. They enjoyed fights between gladiators, and fights between people and animals. These bloodthirsty shows were put on in front of crowds in large arenas called amphitheatres. Roman emperors paid for free shows at theatres and amphitheatres

the Romans were the first ones who used concrete as a building, they adopted ideas from the Greek for several reasons. Ancient Roman architecture adopted the external language of classical Greek architecture for the purposes of the ancient Romans, but grew so different from Greek buildings as to become a new architectural style. The two styles are often considered one body of classical architecture. Greece had been the mecca of all things grand. From colossal architectures to rich culture, scientific discoveries to mathematical findings, greatest poets to legendary writers, founders of philosophy to father of history, Greece has seen it all. It was by far the greatest civilization in history which valued history, education, people and place. And adding greatness to them all were Greek leaders

Romes education systemmwas very differnt than what our system is like here in america,. Education in Ancient Rome progressed from an informal, familial system of education in the early Republic to a tuition-based system during the late Republic and the Empire. The Roman education system was based on the Greek system – and many of the private tutors in the Roman system were Greek slaves or freedmen


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