Photography Challenge By sam




Black and white portrait

Leading Lines

View Point(Low)

View Point(High)

Close Up



Forced Perspective




Rule Of Thirds


Commercial Photography- An example of Commercial Photography would be Product photography. A product photographer takes pictures of a product from a company to make it look good, and to make it look good you'll need to have the right supplies.The great thing about product photography you'll never run out of business, but the job is not ranked quite highly.

Fine Arts Photography- An example of Fine Arts Photography would be Astrophotography. Astrophotographer takes photos of celestial objects. Some of the great things about Astrophotography is that there is never a shortage of things to photograph, and you don't need a degree to take on the job.

Photojournalism- An example of photojournalism would be war photography. A war photographer takes pictures of actions in war, and war vehicles. There are not very many pros to being a war photographer other than its exhilarating, but there are a couple of cons. Including danger, no protection, and it doesn't pay very much.

Still Photography- An example of Still Photography would be a Fashion photographer. as fashion photographer take photos of fashion models and the newest trends for magazines. There is only one pro to this situation is that you get to travel a lot, but there are some cons to this situation. Including it is a high pressure cutthroat industry.

Director of Photography- An example of director of photography would be Stock photographer. A stock photographer takes photos of meticulously made-up office works looking happy or sad at their desk. The cons of this job would be that you only get paid a few cents per photo, so its not a very glamours job.

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