Peyton´s Portfolio FAll 2016

Advanced art has been great this year, it is like a stress reliever for me. My goal for the rest of the year is to be more confident in my art work, here are some projects I have worked on throughout the year. I took this class because I feel like I am somewhat good at art and I like challenges.

I have been working on this acrylic painting. It is a painting of the water and sky, I have struggled with it here and there but now it is looking really pretty and I can not wait to finish it.

This is my self portrait in charcoal pencil. I really enjoyed this project the photo on the left is the final picture I took. This project is one of my completed projects. An artistic behavior I used a lot was engage and persist because I stuck with it and was happy with the outcome.

This was my first project of the year, I did not proceed with it. I guess it just was nor working out like the vision I had for it. But I will come back to it and just change a few things, probably the choice of colors.

This is by far my favorite project I am in the process of doing. I can not wait to see what t look like in the end. This is on a bigger canvas than I am used to but so far so good.

For the past couple of days I have been working with throwing after school and during. I really have enjoyed it and hope to gain more skill to create great things. So an artistic behavior I used here was definitely developing new art-making skill because I am learning a new process.

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