Working with Groups Online subject proposal - Dr Chelsea hyde

Student Profile

Postgraduate, Masters Level

Provisional psychologists seeking full registration

Approx 24 students enrolled

Local, interstate & international students



What does the subject hope to achieve?


What will it look like? How will learners engage?

By the end of the subject students should be able to meet these objectives.

How to augment in an online environment?

Alignment with Professional APAC Standards

4.5.1 Apply advanced psychological knowledge of the following to their practice in educational and developmental psychology:

v. family, social and community systems across the lifespan.

4.5.3 Apply advanced psychological knowledge to culturally responsive interventions in the area of educational and developmental psychology including:

ii. provision of programs and support for individuals, their parents, guardians, teachers and others, in building well-being, positive characteristics and resilience for overcoming vulnerabilities of personality and adjustment

vi. systemic changes to policy and institutional processes in educational organisations, including professional development for fellow professionals and parents/carers.

Constructive Alignment

Is there alignment between the LO's, T&L activities and assessment?

Feedback needs to be consistent with each of these elements.

At AQF level 9 a graduate should be able to critically analyse, reflect and synthesize complex information and research and apply theory to practice.
Ecology of Resources

Constructivist Learning Theory

Flipped Classroom

The flipped classroom is based on the constructivist model. Learning is an active, social process. Learners can use their previous experiences and existing knowledge to build an understanding of the new material.

Problem Based Learning

A student-centered pedagogy and active teaching strategy in which students learn about a subject through the experience of solving an open-ended problem.

PAS Theory


Adults are self-directed

Adults use their past experiences as learning resources

Adults are motivated to learn in relation to their social roles

Adults prefer to learn solutions that can be applied in realistic situations

Adults rely on intrinsic motivations

Androgogy Learning Frameworks

Case studies, role playing, simulations, and self-evaluation

Collaborative problem-solving group task


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